Yunnan Worm Valley of Ghost Blows Out the Lamp _ World Overlord Singing

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Description: There was no room for the second person to come in. The fat man and Shirley Yang were anxious, but they couldn't come down to help, so they had to hand the tools down to me. Previously, I planned not to open the coffin here. I planned to use the rope to hold it up and pull it all up. I tried to drag it away from the meat coffin and open it again in a safe place to search carefully. But when I came down, Only then did he discover that a part of the bottom of the inner coffin had grown dead with the shell of the ten thousand-year-old meat Zhi, and it was no longer possible to share it, so he had to start in this narrow space. As time went by, I took a deep breath and pried the toes open one by one. I felt that my two hands were not enough. I wanted to use my feet. Maybe because the action was a little slow for a few seconds, I would miss the opportunity to escape. Although I tried to comfort myself that I must be calm, more haste, less speed, but my heart was beating more and more wildly, and how could I calm down? I had focused all my attention on the inner coffin, and turned a deaf ear to the constant urging and reminding of Shirley Yang and Fatty. I estimated that almost a minute had passed. According to my estimate, I got the "dust bead" in three minutes. The eye hole at the exit of the Aconitum coffin was not covered by the gradually expanding corpse hole. It took more than a minute to remove the lid of the coffin. It was not too late. Thinking of this, my mood was a little calmer. When Shirley Yang saw that I was about to lift the lid of King Xian's inner coffin, he immediately threw down a cold firework: "Old Hu, this is the last one. Before it goes out, whether you can find it or not, you must come up." In the dark and slimy eyes, the fireworks immediately rose, as bright as day. I promised: "Don't worry, time is absolutely enough. Let's drag this old dumpling out with a rope.." As he spoke,juice filling machine, the jade cover was forcibly lifted, and a corpse was immediately revealed inside. The crown fell at his feet. On his head, he only wore a "folded scarf" inlaid with gold and jade. He wore a black python-patterned jade armor and a purple and gold belt around his waist. He was not the king of offering. But then I shuddered, the body of King Xian had no face, perhaps this description is not appropriate, the space in the cave is narrow, I and the body of King Xian are almost face to face, I saw that the body's facial features have become blurred and distorted, leaving only a few traces,water bottling line, mouth, nose and eyes, almost indistinguishable, as if melted in the face, it seems that the head is smooth and strange. Like wearing a mask of Zhang Yupi, it is very grotesque to be reflected by the light of cold fireworks. I secretly wonder in my heart, is it the way of the old thief again? Is this a dummy? Hurriedly grabbed the arm of King Xian's body and recorded the python-patterned robe, but saw that the five fingers were clenched tightly, the hands were obviously holding funerary objects, and the sallow complexion seemed to be dripping water, as if something unusual was taking place. Look at the skin of the corpse's hand, it's not a dummy. I pinched it with my hand on the corpse of King Xian. It was even elastic and well preserved. Then I pinched it on the corpse's face, but the tentacles were hard and seemed to be completely jade. I have never seen what the real "dust bead" looks like. I have only seen a fake one in the exquisite relics in the sand sea. It is made of rare ancient jade. It is a few circles smaller than a human head. Its shape and texture are the same as human eyes, but I don't know if the real size and geometry can be held in my hand like this. But at the moment there was no time to distinguish carefully, immediately took out the body rope, in the neck of the body of King Xian, PET blow moulding machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, wanted to pull him out of the coffin, let the fat man drag him up, but in his hand buckled the "body rope" pulled back two times, pulled two times, the body was motionless. In my mind, I wondered where there was something strange, so I had to raise my hand, slap the body of King Xian a few times, and then pull it out, still motionless. In the end, there was no way, and there was no time to find the reason, so we had to solve the problem on the spot. We took out a peach nail from the carrying bag and inserted it straight into the heart of the corpse. Then we stretched out our hands and touched it from head to foot on the corpse of King Xian. When we touched his left hand, we saw that it was the same as his right hand, which was clenched tightly into a fist. There was obviously something in his hand. I immediately took out two peachwood nails, nailed the body of King Xian in the arms, broke his fingers, and prayed in my heart that the "Phoenix Gallbladder" was here, but after breaking it, it was like pouring cold water on my head. In the left hand of the corpse of King Xian, there is a deteriorated peach stone. Although it is unexpected, it is not surprising. Chinese people have special feelings for "peach". They regard it as a divine thing to ward off evil spirits, avoid disasters and increase longevity. Therefore, there are many peach-shaped objects in ancient handicrafts. It is said that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was the longest reigning emperor of the Western Han Dynasty. Emperor to do for a long time and want to do immortals, so often many to the three mountains and five mountains to worship, also sent people to visit the Long March immortal medicine, this piece of painstaking finally moved the Kunlun Mountains West Five Mothers, in the first year of Double Seventh Festival in the yuan Dynasty night, in Ziyun chariot to Weiyang Palace saw Emperor Wu, at the time of the banquet, the Queen Mother of the West to Emperor Wu Liu Che ate four Xiantao, Emperor Wu felt delicious, It was so fragrant that it was very different from the people in the world, so he planned to leave the peach stone and plant it in the world. As a result, he learned that it was difficult for this kind of divine product to survive in the world. As a result, he was disappointed. Later, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty finally failed to realize his wish of immortality. However, people who lived to seventy years old were very rare in ancient times. Perhaps it was because they ate peaches that they lived to seventy years old. Of course, this is only a folk legend, but after the death of the emperor in the hands of the peach stone into the wind, has a long history, as early as the Eastern Zhou Dynasty when it was very common, but the peach stone is a plant, the easiest to decompose, so later generations are difficult to see the coffin. As soon as I was stunned, I remembered the legend and complained again and again, so I had to break off the right hand of King Xian's corpse again, but there were many black jade rings in his hand, which were mixed with some black impurities. In a hurry, I didn't have time to think about what it was, so I stuffed them into my carrying bag. The fat man shouted from above,water filling machine, "Commander Hu, there is no time. Go, go." ?

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