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Description: After the security guard left, Zhou Xiaoqing looked at Xu Chunlan and said, "Cousin, this is also for you." "I'm your cousin. What is he?" Xu Chunlan said. In fact, although Xu Chunlan and Zhou Xiaoqing called their cousins, the two families were relatives who could not be beaten by eight poles. However, Xu Chunlan saw that the Zhou family was rich, so she took the initiative to scrape together, and people were embarrassed to say that they did not recognize this relative. But when Xu Chunlan said this about Yang Ming, Zhu Xiaoqing didn't want to. Zhou Xiaoqing said: "If you say so, then I can only dare you to go, I have said, do not respect Yang Ming, that is not respect me, since you do not respect me, what can I say?" "Did you really kick me out for an outsider?" "Yes, I've made it very clear. Do you want me to call the security guard at the door?" Xu Chunlan listens to Yang Ming to say so, she also is not happy immediately, sometimes the face is really very important, since the family already drove her to go, what can she say? Thinking of this, Xu Chunlan said, "Well,interactive whiteboard for schools, I don't need you to drive me away. I'll go by myself now!" "If she doesn't want to go, let her stay here," Yang said with a smile. Yang Ming is very generous, but Xu Chunlan is embarrassed to stay any longer. Seeing Xu Chunlai go out, Yang Ming was also a little embarrassed. He said with a smile, "Miss Zhou, I'm really sorry that you two sisters are unhappy." "It's too polite for you to say that. In fact, I don't blame you for this. I know what kind of person she is. It's me who should be embarrassed." Zhou Xiaoqing said,interactive flat panel display, "in fact, although she calls her cousin, they are all relatives who can't reach eight poles." Yang Ming smiled and said, "It's all right. Then you go to work. I'll look around by myself." "Well, you can call me if you have anything." Zhou Xiaoqing said with a smile. Nothing will happen again. Yang Ming thought in his heart: "How can there be so many things to happen, and even if there is something, I will handle it well.". After Zhou Xiaoqing left, Yang Ming said with a smile, "Xiaohong, you can eat whatever you like and drink whatever you like. Don't stand on ceremony here." Chapter 1300 of the main text: can cure the eyes. Yang Ming went to a table, picked up a small bottle of beer, opened the beer, he had just drunk two mouthfuls, suddenly saw someone quarreling not far away. Yang Ming couldn't help thinking, "What's going on today? Xiaoqing's home is still very lively this week.". Yang Ming couldn't help but pick up the beer bottle and walk over, seeing that Zhao Wei was causing trouble again. Originally Zhao Wei and a beautiful woman together, touch screen whiteboard ,smart board interactive whiteboard, this beautiful woman and Zhao Wei are now cohabiting, she saw Zhao Wei's former wife today. Zhao Wei's former wife is Wu Xiaofen. Wu Xiaofen has hardly had a good day since she married Zhao Wei. They quarrel every other day. Wu Xiaofen is also a person with a career. She has her own company, but Zhao Wei makes trouble in her company all day. He not only beat his wife, but also beat his children. Zhao Wei and Wu Xiaofen have a daughter, who is already five years old. Zhao Wei once came back from drinking outside. He asked his wife to give him 500,000 yuan. In fact, he wanted the 500,000 yuan to buy a car for his lover, the beauty who came with Zhao Wei today. Wu Xiaofen knew that there was someone outside Zhao Wei, so she couldn't give Zhao Wei money. Just because he didn't give him money, Zhao Wei beat up Wu Xiaofen. He not only beat his wife, but also his children. His daughter, Xiaomei, could not see clearly until now because of his kick on the head. She went to the hospital for examination, but the hospital could not do well. Today, he took the beauty to see his wife and children again. Who knows that the beauty still hates Wu Xiaofen. In fact, he is naturally wrong, think that she is a real father, she is only a third party, she destroyed the family, and now even hate her. So for some bad people, everyone is a bad person in his eyes. She saw Wu Xiaofen today and said to Zhao Wei, "Zhao Wei, you go to beat that bad guy. I am not happy to see that woman.". ” Zhao Wei actually knew in his heart that Wu Xiaofen was not a bad person. In fact, the beautiful woman in front of him was the real bad person. But some men are bitchy. They don't want a good woman. They want a bad woman. Wu Xiaofen let Zhao Wei to fight, to be honest, Zhao Wei really dare not to fight, because now he has no wife, he does not want to lose his lover. So Zhao Wei did not rely on how to consider, went to Wu Xiaofen's side, did not say a word, a direct slap in the face of Wu Xiaofen. Wu Xiaofen did not think that Zhao Wei would dare to beat himself after his divorce, nor did she think that he would beat himself on this occasion. Wu Xiaofen is also very angry, but she is not a shrew, originally a little introverted Wu Xiaofen really do not know what to do. When Xiaomei saw that her mother had been beaten, she walked up to her father and pushed him and said, "You bad guy, get out of here!" " "Paralyzed, you dare to push me." Said Zhao Wei kicked over again. The kick hit the little girl, and although he didn't exert much effort, the little girl was kicked down by her father. Just then, Yang Ming walked up to the little girl and helped her up. After holding Xiaomei, Yang Ming asked Zhao Wei coldly, "Why don't you look like a man at all? Why do you beat other people's children?" "This is my child, I beat my own child, and you have nothing to do with it!" Zhao Wei said. Zhao Wei knew that Yang Ming would not beat himself here, so he dared to argue with Yang Ming. Yang Ming said coldly, "Even if you are a child, you can't beat him like this. Is there a father like you?" "Big brother, he is not my father, he is a bad man!" Xiaomei said. Yang Ming said coldly: "You see other people's children say you are not his father,interactive panel board, you are still so fierce, or we fight together, beating children is not a skill." ?

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