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Description: The accident did not make Amon forget his original intention. After putting everything away, he finally picked another staff for Link. This staff is not inlaid with special sacred stones, but it is spirally inlaid with seven ordinary sacred stones in turn, and the material is so special that Amon can't tell what it is made of. Inlaying divine stones on the staff is not as much as you want, nor is it necessarily the more the better. Its production process is quite complicated, and it is necessary to combine the effects of inspiring divine arts. The more complex the staff, the higher the material requirements, and the more difficult it is to make. This staff must be the work of a master craftsman. Amon tried it. It can obviously enhance the effect of the magic, especially the speed of the magic. Amon did not regard it as anything too good, after all, it was far worse than the bone, and it was obviously not as magical as the other staffs in his hands, just suitable for Link to use. Now Amon has a mentality of "wealth is like floating clouds". He has seen and owned too many sacred stones, and none of the things in his hands is not a treasure. He has no intention of getting used to it. []

Text 035, Great Prophecy There is a popular joke in the mainland of Tianshu that when noble magicians perform their magic, they are not only demonstrating the power of the gods, but also comparing who will spend more money. The simplest staff is usually inlaid with an ordinary divine stone. If it is a precious and rare advanced staff, if it is converted into coins and smashed out, it will definitely bury the opponent. Amon didn't give the staff to Link immediately,smartboards for business, but put it away for the time being. When Link becomes a third-level sorcerer, he can give it to him as a gift when he leaves. After the thunder, it rained for seven days and seven nights before it stopped. When the flood was at its highest, it was only a few feet away from the lowest part of the Syrian wall. After the heavy rain stopped, the sun shone again, the water gradually receded, and the city was finally saved! Thousands of people were cheering,smartboard for business, and the sound broke through the clouds and echoed for a long time. Gorel finally walked down the wall with his staff in his hand. He had almost exhausted all his magic power. The fingernails and knuckles of the hand holding the staff were white. He couldn't help trembling, but he tried not to show a trace of weakness. At this time, as long as an ordinary person stretched out a finger, he could poke the song down. He even had a hard time walking, but he insisted on walking back to the temple with a firm step. When the cheering people who rushed into the street saw Gelie coming, they all took the initiative to get out of the way, and the crowd automatically separated to the left and right like waves, all of them shouting: "Thank God, thank Enril for his protection, thank our noble great sorcerer Gelie!" The sound rose and fell like a tsunami in the city, and the flood outside the city was receding. The words of gratitude to the gods have become a habit, like a natural prefix of pronunciation, which everyone unintentionally shouts out, but the song of gratitude is from the heart, interactive panels for education ,touch screen board classroom, which is the common voice of thousands of people. Gorel was respected by all because of his position and achievements, but today he received the same cheers as a God, for the first time, not only because of his position but also because of his achievements. It is not clear whether there is a God to protect people, let alone see it with their own eyes, but the city of Syria is absolutely impossible to keep without the words of Ge Lie, which everyone knows. Gelie smiled kindly at everyone, looking modest and noble, walking slowly and firmly. At last he ascended the long steps and entered the magnificent temple of Enril. His figure disappeared behind the shadow of the temple gate. Then he suddenly shook and almost lost his footing. He said to his brother Hualaite, who was holding out his hand, "Help me to the back and set up a healing magic array. I need to have a good rest." Disaster relief and all kinds of affairs after the flood recedes, you assist Governor Xiao Mo to go, I appoint you as the temporary high priest, after a period of time, I will ask Wang Du to make a formal appointment. In addition to the chief priest and chief priest of the temple of Syria, there are three high priests, namely, Cosman, Jeremiah and Governor Xiao Mo. Jeremiah was killed by Gabriel when he ambushed Rod Dick's convoy, and Cosman was killed by Goliath because he abandoned the city and fled. If Gorel were not there, there would be no one in charge of the temple except the governor, the symbolic high priest, and Gorel temporarily appointed his student, Hualet, to take over the temple. The high priest is the noblest position in the city of Syria besides the chief priest and the chief governor, which needs to be appointed by the king, so Gorel can only be temporarily held by Hualet. But if Hualaite can handle the affairs of the city-state and the temple very well, and Ge Lie and Xiao Mo jointly recommend it, Hualaite will become the official high priest, from an ordinary sorcerer to one of the most noble adults in the whole Syrian city-state. Hualaite presided over the magic array on the city wall, helped Gelie save the city of Syria, and won the respect of the people and all the magic masters. It was logical for him to replace Cosman who fled in danger, so Gelie gave the students this opportunity. Hualaite is also in danger, after the cheers of the people gradually subsided, there are still many specific things to do. How to relieve and arrange the victims who poured into Syria, help them return to their destroyed homes, distribute enough food and seeds in batches to survive the famine of this year until the harvest of next year, apply for relief and assistance from nearby city-states and kingdoms, count the losses caused by floods, and so on. Some of the supplies the victims received were relief from city-states and kingdoms, some needed to be registered and repaid in the future, and some were loans from temples. It's a recovery job after a disaster, but it's also a fat job to be in charge of it,interactive panel board, and it's definitely a great opportunity to enrich yourself. If it is controlled by a greedy or incompetent official, it may arouse public resentment or even popular revolt, so it is also an opportunity for Hualaite to prove himself in front of the singers. hsdsmartboard.com

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