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Description: Someone even came up to hold her hand and said, "Defeat the scum man, we support you!" Luo Qingchen could only smile and walk quickly in the direction of the classroom. Along the way, she wondered who had done such a premeditated and organized follow-up photo shoot! This is too.. That's a little awesome! How much does the great God who sent this post hate Xu Zeyan? Is it his former girlfriend or the woman he abandoned? Thought for a long time, no matter how to combine the memory of the original owner, Luo Qingchen has no clue. Until a word from Youtang reminded her. Didn't you find it? She put the tablet in front of her and clicked on the forum post: "The photos here contain more than a dozen people in our school, but.." "Just without you!" When Luo Qingchen heard this, he quickly took the tablet and swept it. Indeed Without her.. Why is that? Is it because the original owner and Xu Zeyan went out less before? "It's a little strange!" "It's more than strange!"! It's weird, okay? Youtang whispered in her ear, "Everyone thought you would post a long whitewash post, but you didn't. The post is really hot!" "I didn't send it!" I know! If it wasn't for the fact that you just said it wasn't you, I would think it was you! Youtang patted her on the shoulder and said, "After all, our family is so proud!" Luo Qingchen snorted and said with a smile, "No matter who you are, you can only say that the other side is definitely not the enemy!" When she was so pushed to the cusp of the storm, someone stood up silently and whitewashed her in an almost impossible way. It's really.. It's a little handsome! After class,metal racking systems, Luo Qingchen plans to go directly to He Jinnian to inquire about his condition. After all, if he really caught a cold and got sick, it had something to do with her. Little did he know that when he arrived at his school dormitory, his bed was already empty! "What about He Jinnian?" "Oh, it's pouring dust!" Xiaoxiao, who was sitting outside wearing glasses,warehouse storage racks, greeted her and said, "Jin Nian moved out. Didn't he tell you?" "What?"? He moved out?! Originally, he Jinnian did not go to school today not because of illness, but to move ah! He Where is he moving to? I don't tell her anything. Chapter 1910 Hello, my Mr. Blue Yan (21) On her way home in the evening, she made two more phone calls to He Jinnian, but no one responded. Until standing at the door of her house, she heard the ringing of her cell phone coming from inside the gate. For a moment, her hand slipped and the key fell directly to the ground. What's going on? A thief in the house? When Luo Qingchen was about to bend down to pick up the key, the door was opened with a click. The bright light in the living room shone on her white cheeks. She was stunned. Before she looked up, there was a cool sound like water in front of her. Are you back? Come in for dinner. He Jinnian looked at her somewhat stunned expression, the corners of his mouth unconsciously outlined a very faint smile. He turned around, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,shuttle rack system, cleared his throat, and withdrew his smile with a pretended indifference. You Three seconds later, Luo Qingchen ran to the kitchen and looked at him in shock: "Did you take my key?" He Jinnian looked at a bunch of brand new keys on the shelf in the entrance and said, "To be exact, your key is also my key." Somehow, when he said this sentence, there was a feeling of inexplicable joy in his heart. He always felt that he had used some word games to exploit the loopholes. You moved here? Luo Qingchen is not a fool, although he Jinnian did not answer her question directly, but a casual guess can probably guess a similar result. He rented a house on the first floor and became a tenant with her. For He Jinnian's family, both she and the original owner are still in their childhood memories. In recent years, He Jinnian's parents seem to have been working hard outside, whether it is freshmen or parents'meeting, his parents did not attend. He Jinnian suddenly felt a little lonely, no matter how excellent he was, how brilliant he was, no one could share the joys and sorrows in his heart. Mmm. "He answered lightly:" We will be under the same roof in the future, you know I love clean, so... " "I love to be clean, too, and I love to be cleaner than you!" Luo Qingchen narrowed his eyes and said, "The intermediary didn't tell me that the residents moved to the first floor. How did you do that? Didn't you say that the landlord rented it to a predestined person?" When Youtang wanted to rent here before, even if she offered twice the rent, the other party did not agree. There is always only one reason to refuse, and the other party is not predestined. At present, how good He Jinnian has directly become a predestined person, it is simply incredible. "I am the predestined person." He didn't move a little. He said with a faint smile, "Cook your favorite braised prawns. Come and eat them after washing your hands." Luo Qingchen moved his eyebrows, and his eyes flashed a touch of doubt, but there was no reason to refute it. On the other hand, in fact, her heart is happy. Because does this mean that her position in He Jinnian's heart is different now. She is no longer the best friend in the black and white zone. Is their relationship closer than friends. Dinner was very full, and the dessert after dinner was poplar branch nectar, which filled her taste buds with strong mango fragrance. I have to say that he Jinnian really knows her. Her favorite taste is sweet, whether it is braised prawns or poplar branch nectar, he adjusts the sweetness according to her preferences. After dinner, Luo Qingchen sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV. There was a very big TV on the first floor itself, but she didn't use it because she didn't rent it on the first floor. Now, with He Jinnian's clothes, I have enjoyed it. Chapter 1911 Hello,industrial racking systems, My Mr. Blue Yan (22) "Are you sure you don't want to review your lessons for the final exam?" He Jinnian, who had finished tidying up the table, sat down beside him with a faint look and a unique coldness.

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