The one the world wants, belongs to me.

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Description: The finalists of the special prize were all sitting in the audience, and his eyes swept over one by one, and finally fell on Ni Jingxi. Congratulations, reporter Ni Jingxi's LIVE. LIVE, life is also survival. At that time, the applause of the whole venue was thunderous. Ni Jingxi was the youngest of the finalists and the only female reporter. Ni Jingxi stood up in the thunderous applause. As she walked out of the aisle, she shook hands with everyone who passed by, and then she walked onto the stage step by step. She did not choose a long skirt today, but a black suit, handsome and tall girl, as soon as she came on stage, she was so brilliant that she attracted everyone's attention. When the stage lights hit her and she received the trophy from Xu Ming, she slowly turned around and stood in front of the microphone. She looked at the audience, there was no nervous expression on her face, and her already white skin became more and more white in the light. But she never gave people the feeling of a porcelain doll. When Ni Jing Xi slowly looked up, her eyes appeared in front of the camera, a pair of persistent and black eyes. She chuckled and finally said the first sentence: "I think everyone who knows this picture knows something about the story behind LIVE." She paused and her eyes were slightly moist again, even though she was always moved when she recalled the scene. Ni Jingxi did not smile any more. Her voice came through the microphone. Her clear voice attracted everyone: "I had seen the boy and his father in the photo before I took it.". It is a very ordinary, very ordinary people, they have little money, even if they buy necessities, they can only go to such a second-hand market. "If there were no terrorist attacks, they would still be an ordinary family, and they would not be known to the world because of a photo.". If I could, I wish this LIVE had never existed. The venue, which had been somewhat noisy, gradually quieted down. Trying to smile, she said,Small Geared Motors, "I never want to be called a lucky reporter because I have a picture that can be handed down from generation to generation.". But I also hope that more people can see these places. They are surrounded by war, terrorist attacks and diseases, but they never stop trying to live. Someone once asked me what my greatest wish was, and he laughed when I answered. "But today I still want to say my wish again. I hope the world will be peaceful. I hope there will be no more pictures like LIVE in the world. I hope there will be no more fathers who will die with the bombers in order to give their children a chance of survival." With that, Ni Jingxi bowed deeply to the platform. At this time, there was a huge and prolonged applause from the audience. Huo Shenyan is sitting in the car at this time, he looked down at the girl in the computer screen, looking at her eyes slightly shining, but also can not help but raise his head. No matter when, his girl never lost her childlike heart. Until Ni Jingxi's voice sounded again, she said softly: "War correspondent is an experience I will never forget in my life, and I also want to say to my husband, thank you for taking me home." When Huo Shenyan looked down at the girl on the screen, she looked at the camera stubbornly, Small Dc Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, and suddenly her eyes blinked slightly. Thank you for your tolerance to me. If the greatest luck in this life is to be Huo Shenyan's wife. At this time, the audience was even captured by the camera to wipe tears. Huo Shenyan, who was thousands of miles away, slowly lowered the window beside him. He looked out of the window and raised the corners of his mouth slightly. I don't know when the night wind in Shanghai began to become so soft and gentle again. He chuckled and reached for the computer. She said that this was the greatest luck in her life, but she did not know that it was also his greatest happiness. Finally, it's October 27th. The Huo family contracted a whole resort, and the whole wedding was kept secret, but it could not stop everyone's curiosity about their wedding. After all, compared with the entertainment industry, such a wedding is the real wedding of the century. The wedding ceremony was held outdoors, and the outdoor stage was built with flowers, white and light blue as the main colors, fresh and elegant. Compared with the Huo family's many guests, the Ni family has few people. But this time Ni Pingsen also invited many of his old friends. Since he recovered his memory, he went back to his hometown in Nanxun. Originally, there were some complaints about him not coming back for so many years. But since I learned what had happened to him, I was very distressed. When he came back, Ni Pingsen's car was filled with local products from his hometown. Ni Jing Xi's bridesmaid group line-ups is too luxurious, Yan Han, Chen Chen, Ai Yaya, Tang Mi, Hua Zheng and Shen Qiqi, just enough for six girls. Huo Shenyan's best man is even more crazy. When Tang Mi heard about this, he laughed crazily and felt that these people were not stupid, and that no one was looking for abuse like this. Sure enough, when it came to the wedding, everyone was crazy. Don't look at Yan Han's sweet and lovely appearance, the result is bad one after another, if not afraid to make the best man too miserable, they put down the pick to quit, this just stop. When it came to the wedding process, the host came to check with them again before going on stage. In particular, he told Ni Pingsen that the pace should be slow when she went on stage, because Ni Jingxi's wedding dress was several meters long, and her veil was several meters long. Ni Pingsen nodded. By the time of the official debut, Ni Jingxi took Ni Pingsen's arm and walked forward, Ni Pingsen stepped out slowly and slowly step by step. Everyone stared at them, and Ni Jingxi asked in a low voice doubtfully, "Dad, is it too slow?" Ni Pingsen did not turn his head, but said softly, "Dad really hopes that this road will never end." But not far away was Huo Shenyan, who was wearing a black tuxedo. His suit was specially tailored, which set off his straight shoulders and narrow waist. The whole person was too handsome to stand there. When Ni Jingxi finally walked up to him, her mood was not so ups and downs. Until Ni Jingxi's palm was handed over to Huo Shenyan by Ni Pingsen,24v Gear Motor, and when he held her hand gently, her eyes suddenly turned red. She lost her mother when she was young, and her father brought her up.

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