The gate of creation

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Description: The gate of creation

Ruoxi looked at Shuiyue and shook her head For no reason she gave one of her treasured holy marrow fruits to a little monk who only had the realm of life and death She didn't want to do such a thing She no longer owed Ningcheng Shui Yueke suddenly remembered that Ning Cheng had given her a bottle of Empty City Crossing Dan which still had nine pieces in it Thinking of this Shuiyue did not hesitate to take out this bottle of Empty City Crossing Knowledge Dan and give it to Ruoxi and said "Senior I still have a bottle of Empty City Crossing Pesticides Knowledge Dan here a total of nine" "Empty City Crossing Know Dan" If there is a surprise in her eyes she will try every means to rescue Ningcheng of course there is also the meaning of Qingning City to help her Not necessarily did not want to ask Ningcheng to empty the city to cross the idea of knowing Dan because Ningcheng's cultivation is too weak so she did not think that Ningcheng's storage equipment can also be stored in the depths of the sea The treasure that can be left in the sea of knowledge is not an ordinary thing I agreed It's a sacred fruit Without hesitation Ruo Xi took out a jade box and handed it to Shui Yueke and took the jade bottle from Shui Yueke According to the actual price the nine empty city crossing Dan in the hands of Shui Yueke is hard to buy even the fur of her Daoguo But a thousand pieces of gold are hard to buy What she needs now is the knowledge of Dan in the empty city The holy marrow fruit is precious and its effect on her is not so great I have to go This flying magic weapon is for you Ruo Xi finished the figure of a show disappeared without a trace She did not even explain to Shui Yueke the preciousness of the holy marrow fruit As soon as Ruoxi left Shuiyue had an extra idea of controlling the spaceship's magic weapon in his consciousness She knew that this was given to her by the senior just now so that she could refine the spaceship more quickly Water Yue can sigh while controlling the spacecraft to speed up away while opening the jade box A white transparent fruit is placed in the middle of the jade box As soon as the jade box is opened a kind of fragrant smell permeates out Shui Yue can just smell it and feel that his whole soul is much clearer Even an idiot knows the value of this fruit What's more Shuiyue was born in Jiuzhuan Shengdao Pool At this moment Shui Yueke even wanted to put the fruit into his mouth She was sure that once she took the Holy Marrow Fruit she would soon succeed in shaping the Tao Not only that her future cultivation potential will also be enhanced a lot The refreshing fragrance kept overflowing and Shuiyue took a breath forced himself to hold back his greed and sent the fruit into Yan Ji's mouth When the holy marrow fruit fell into Yan Ji's mouth it turned into a gurgling breath and flowed into Yan Ji's body Just half a stick of incense time a faint black breath emanated from Yan Ji's body Condensed in the Yan Ji body of the dead gas spread in an instant Yan Ji the whole person's vitality is more and more exuberant After half a stick of incense some tiny impurities seeped out of Yan Ji's body Shui Yue can slightly frown from these impurities she can feel how inferior the elixir Yan Ji had taken Then she saw Yan Ji's eyes beating slightly water Yue can know Yan Ji to wake up hurriedly raised his hand to play a few prohibitions to hide Ningcheng She is afraid that Yan Ji has just recovered suddenly see the appearance of Ningcheng and what sequelae China Chemicals Suppliers Yan Ji opened her eyes and saw Shui Yueke sitting not far away staring at her She hurriedly shouted "Sister Shui are you here to take me to marry the spirit" Shui Yue laughed and pointed to some impurities on the surface of Yan Ji's body and said "This is a spaceship magic weapon and we are running for our lives" You go to the cabin to clean it quickly and then I'll tell you in detail "Ah" Only then did Yan Ji discover the dirt on his body and rushed into the cabin with a red face The moment she entered the cabin she guessed that it should be Sister Shui who saved her As for why Shuiyue wanted to save her she couldn't figure it out For half a stick of incense Yan Ji finished cleaning and came out in a goose-yellow dress As soon as she came out she bowed to Shui Yueke "Although I don't know why Elder Martial Sister Shui saved me Yan Ji will always thank Elder Martial Sister for saving me" When Yan Ji was cleaning she knew that not only was her foundation completely restored but also her aptitude kept up with her The lightness and endless potential revealed by her whole body made her unable to believe that it was true She had to find out what was going on Shui Yue can be shocked to look at Yan Ji to be honest Yan Ji was much more Pesticide Adjuvants beautiful than her But at this time Yan Ji whole person is stunning like hanging a drop of morning dew in the morning tender lotus I am afraid the whole nine turn holy pool also no one can compare with her Not only that because she was very close she could also feel a faint body fragrance emanating from Yan Ji (That's all for today's update good night friends!) Chapter 942 missing without promise "Is this Tianxiang body" Shui Yueke finally came to his senses and exclaimed Then her eyes showed panic staring at Yan Ji unexpectedly do not know what to do Tianxiang body is 100% female and the body has a natural light fragrance To be exact Tianxiang body is not only a kind of body fragrance but also an auxiliary qualification This kind of body will let the monk in the practice the absorption speed is faster the understanding is amazing the promotion speed is also far stronger than others But Tianxiang body is also the most tragic kind of auxiliary aptitude and women with this kind of constitution will come to no good end nine times out of ten Because this kind of body is born peerless furnace tripod as long as there are monks found Tianxiang body they will not give up No matter any monk if he has this kind of furnace tripod he will get twice the result with half the effort Not only that the practitioner's perception of the rhyme of heaven and earth will also be significantly enhanced Of course this refers to the Tianxiang body as a furnace tripod if only two monks the effect on male monks is very general How many monks will regard her as a double monk when they meet a woman with a fragrant body What makes people even more helpless is that Tianxiang body can not be hidden at all No matter where it is as long as it is Tianxiang body it will be found Shui Yueke was frightened because there was no way to hide after discovering that Yan Ji was a fragrant body That is to say as soon as the two people get out of the spaceship Yan Ji will be discovered This is just one of the dangers Tianxiang Body also has a nickname Tianxiang Saint Body

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