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Description: This time I want to catch a white cat with Mandarin eyes. This white cat looks exactly like an ordinary cat. In fact, it is a simulated cat-shaped robot that I commissioned an overseas biotechnology company and an electronic mechanics company to jointly develop and manufacture. Bodyguard: … Bodyguard captain: "Sounds like a bit high-end." Xi Ge: "Because this is a sophisticated research, so..." Bodyguard captain suddenly: "Does the boss mean that we should be careful not to hurt the cat?" Xi Ge: "Of course, this is the best, but in extreme cases, everything is based on your safety.". What I want to say is that because this is a very sophisticated study, when you catch cats, you may see some incredible things. Bodyguard: … Bodyguard captain continues to ask: "What kind of inconceivable thing?" "This cat has incorporated some knowledge of quantum science. It will suddenly appear and disappear. Be prepared. Don't be too surprised," Xi Ge said with a straight face. Bodyguard: … Not only was the bodyguard silent from beginning to end, but this time even the captain of the bodyguard lost his voice for a moment. They stared at Xi Ge together, with only one sentence in their minds. Sure, there's probably something wrong with the rich man's head. But in any case, the rich are grandfathers, and the rich can really do whatever they want. For the sake of earning the usual three-month salary in three or five days, the bodyguards, under the leadership of the captain, actively participated in the formulation and training of the cat pursuit plan codenamed "M". At the same time, they scattered out in batches. Through the crystal tracking disk in Xige's hand, they attached cats one by one,disc air diffuser, familiarized themselves with cats, and realized the ability of cats to suddenly appear and disappear. In three days, the plan was thoroughly perfected and the training was fruitful. Xi Ge officially launched the "M" project to capture the eyes of Mandarin ducks! A white cat with blue and purple eyes crouched on a swing in a small garden. The little swing swayed gently in the wind, and it swayed up and down with it. Its long snow-white hairy tail dragged the ground, sweeping the fallen leaves, and the tip of its tail was dirty. There are few people in the remote semi-abandoned garden, and the nearest to the white cat is a pair of old men and old women walking around 100 meters away. Suddenly,rapid sand filters, a man came in from the back of the garden, which was adjacent to the pond. The pond was not small, and the water was not deep. The thick fallen leaves covered the green water of the pond. The white cat stopped its tail. Another man came in from the left side of the garden, where there was a narrow alley, and people came from both sides of the alley. The white cat sat up straight. Another man came in from the right side of the garden. On the right side, there was an outdoor basketball court without any obstacles. Only the front. In the garden, facing the location of the white cat, there is also a small play area, where seesaws, slides, walking machines, small wooden horses, everything. The white cat's Mandarin duck eyes swept around and calculated the precise escape direction in an instant. Without hesitation, Rotating sludge scraper ,fine bubble diffuser, it kicked on all fours and ran hard to the small playground ahead! The bodyguards who came from three directions moved at the same time! They rushed to yuanyangyan with the fastest speed. The bodyguard who came out from the left moved the fastest. He ran to the side of the small wooden horse and reached out to catch yuanyangyan's tail. The bushy tail contemptuously curled the bodyguard's wrist, and the Mandarin duck's eyes disappeared, flashed, and appeared on the seesaw. The second bodyguard who came from behind also caught up with him. He pounced forward and pressed yuanyang's body with both hands at the same time. The Mandarin duck looked coldly at the bodyguard, but was not in a hurry to escape. Instead, it was not until the hands were about to touch him that he suddenly started his ability, disappeared again, and flashed again. This time, it appeared under the walking machine, the fitness equipment closest to the garden wall. The fence is in front of us, and the sound of excitement behind the fence comes into the cat's ears. This small group is right next to the school, and if they jump over the fence and enter the school, these stupid people will no longer be a threat. yuanyangyan didn't wait for the third bodyguard to do it. It took the initiative to attack, jumped forward, put four feet on the head of the third bodyguard, shortened the distance between itself and the fence, and then used its ability. Disappear, flash. The Mandarin duck's eyes appeared outside the wall smoothly. It fell into a sudden appearance of the water curtain, did not wait for it to escape, and a pair of hands in time on the water curtain, the water with the cat in the water together frozen! The rabbit rises and falls, and the dust settles. Xi Ge first threw the blood bag he had sucked empty into the trash can, then knocked off the excess ice, held the frozen cat in one hand, looked around, raised his eyebrows, and said to the cat in the ice: "Is it a surprise, is it a surprise?"? I was just going to force you out of the wall and grab you with my hands. But then I thought about it carefully, no one guaranteed that if I caught you, you couldn't use the flash skill, so I called my little friend and asked him to give you some water first, and then I gave you some ice, and I believed that your alchemist could save you. Rhine was standing by. Finally, he caught the cat, which was a kind of expected feeling. The strangeness of that night was buried in his heart, and what comforted and disappointed him was that Xige did not seem to be affected and still treated him as usual. Descendants' affection for me is only a very simple affection. This is exactly what I expected, and I shouldn't show any attitude that will change the status quo, which will make two people worry together. Rhine thought to himself and commented on the current situation: "If I were the alchemist who released the task, I would not only not give you the points, but also deduct your points." Xi Ge is discontented: "Why?" Rhine pointed to the poor cat among the singers. Xi Ge curled his lips and said, "I'm just in case.". If you really cherish it so much, why should you let it get lost at will? Rhine has to admit that there is some truth in what Xi Ge said. When two people are talking, in the ice,Belt Filter Press, the Mandarin duck eye is looking at the song. Xi Ge felt something was wrong. Why were the cat's eyes shining? Before he could figure it out, the light in the white cat's eyes spread to its body, and the whole cat was shining! Breathe out. Breathe in.

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