Sheng loves the first lady

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Description: His voice was so low that few people could hear it clearly except the eldest brother of the palace. Evan took a deep breath. "Boss, the database of the Ministry of Information has been attacked and is now being repaired as hard as possible, but it will take at least two hours. This time, we have suffered heavy losses." Maybe Yemen will give up the first place in the underworld completely. I see. The palace boss interrupted him in a deep voice, not half flustered or strange, as if it were a very common thing. These things, "his complexion does not change, just light mouth," have nothing to do with her, uncle, you have prejudice against Xia Jin. Gong Molin sneered. "Did she do it? Let her tell you herself. Besides her, she is the head of the information department, the closest woman to you, and the most convenient person to do these things." He raised his eyes and looked at Xia Jin, her body against the car door, her short black hair, her white and delicate melon seed face, and her red lips. He looked at her, Xia Jin was also watching him, the original bright pupil at this time implied indescribable broken waves. Viola, come here. His voice, as always, was clean, cold and deep. Nan Xiaoran took one look at Xia Jin and suddenly laughed, "Miss Xia, you have to think clearly,x70 line pipe, with his power, if he does not die today, you can only be trapped in Yemen for the rest of your life." Her voice was not small, but it was enough for all the people present to hear clearly. The atmosphere in the air has a very subtle change. Xia Jin seems to be unaware, only slightly sideways, squinting at Nan Xiaoran, "in that case, can I take the book with me?" Nan Xiaoran spread out his hands, "of course,x52 line pipe, she is your chess piece, under your control." Xia Jin stretched out her hand to hold the book's wrist and led her step by step in the direction of Gong Shentuo. She walked easily, her pace was steady and even a little brisk, her lips were slightly curved, as if she were smiling, and as if she had no expression. Only the book, she frowned slightly, Xia Jin's hand was very hard, she was trying to hide her nervousness with such strength, she poured all her emotions on the fingers pulling her wrist. There was confusion in the book's eyes, but it never made a sound. Chapter 134 I never wanted to marry you. Five paces away from Gong Shentuo, she stopped and stood in front of him with a smile on her face. Corydalis, "Gong Shentuo took two steps forward, reached out to hold her face, opened his mouth in a low voice, his eyes were as silent as ever, and he was spoiled quietly." I'm sorry, this wedding can't go on. " Xia Jin looked at him, x56 line pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, as if she were looking at a stranger. She bent her lips and smiled like a cat. She was cool, lazy and careless. "Boss, I never wanted to marry you." The hand holding her face suddenly froze and withdrew little by little. The air is quiet as if there is no sound, as long as the summer Corydalis is as thin as a cicada's wing, it is still ringing lightly. She smiled, "I often think, you love me so much, if the person I like is you, how good it would be." She looked into his eyes, which were like an overturned inkstone, black and bottomless. She continued to laugh, "Gong Shen Tuo, you have laid down a whole black empire, but you can't see the truth of a woman. I don't know whether you have bad eyes or really love me so much." The book stood beside her, listening to her voice, more and more frightened, she subconsciously wanted to open her mouth, this consciousness out, she felt Xia Jin holding her hand in vain to tighten. She bit her lip, her eyes were as cold as a knife, and she looked coldly at the man behind Gong Shentuo. It was the man who had kidnapped Xia Jin and her, and she couldn't figure out who was so powerful that he could take her away under the eyes of Yemen, cooperate with the Mafia, and then pour this basin of dirty water on her body, but she even said half an explanation. (Www. Mianhua Tang. La Cotton Candy Novel Network) Who has such a good skill and ability to waste the right hand of Corydalis. There must be a traitor in Yemen, but she couldn't figure out who he was. Without being suspected by Gong Shentuo, she put Yemen in danger again and again. Since it is Gong Shentuo's own uncle, no wonder, she can not say half a word of explanation. But now why do you want to say so, this is not all as Gong Molin wishes? Suddenly, she was startled and held Xia Jin's wrist more forcefully. It was a very small pistol, placed in the palm of Gong Molin, although she could not see the gun, but from his eyes and posture, she could completely judge. At the moment when her eyes swept over her, the book felt a more cold and murderous line of sight falling on her. She was surprised to see Gong Molin raise his pistol and said coldly, "Tuo, Xia Jin's woman can be kept back for retrial, but the accomplice beside her must be killed. If you can't do it, I'll help you kill her." Book instant panic, her body was anesthetized, did not fully recover, all the reactions and skills are slow to a few rhythms, Gong Molin that is how terrible skills, she simply did not have a chance to escape. How interesting "Gong Molin," a more cold voice suddenly sounded, "you dare to touch her hair, I want you to be buried with the whole of Yemen, you will not think, now Yemen, there is capital to fight with the Mafia again." Willow was dressed in a beige windbreaker, and the moment he saw Gong Molin raise his gun to the book, his face completely changed. The whole person was like a Shura from hell. There was no doubt that if anyone dared to move Nanshu, he would pull you to hell. However, what is more alarming is Xia Jin's laughter, which is as light as thin smoke. Her beautiful eyes moved and fell on the book's face. Everyone heard her soft voice. "If you want to kill her, why wait for you to do it?" With that,uns c68700, the cold light of the blade flashed through her eyes, but in the blink of an eye, the snow-white tip of the blade had sunk into the body of the woman beside her. Chapter 135 Mo Bai is your daughter.

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