Reborn to Hinata on the Day of Hokage. Txt

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Description: Uchiha Itachi was unprepared to see the expected smile, the girl was standing in front of him at the moment, although the background is overcast sky, but gave him a kind of sunshine through the clouds of emotion, eyes can not help but slightly squint, feel the warmth of the sun, has been hanging high heart finally put down, this calm warmth let Itachi stand in a daze and forget the action. Brother Itachi? Seeing him staring straight at himself and not speaking, Hinata felt strange. Was there something wrong with her? Raised his hand, looked everywhere again, did not find a strange place, there is no strange taste, then how can brother Itachi not speak? "Brother Itachi?"? Itachi-Brother-Brother! Hinata came to Itachi and interestingly waved his palm in front of his eyes, "Back to the soul.." I was really distracted, and I thought he was pretending to be cool again! Itachi came to his senses and grabbed her naughty hand, quite helpless. Eat, you sleep for days! Dragged her by the hand, pulled her to the table, hooked the chair beside the bed with his foot, and put down the plate in his hand. Fortunately, there was food snatched from Deidara's hand, Itachi thought. I Not hungry, this can not say, she really did not feel hungry, but Itachi brother stared at had to sit down to eat, "how long have I slept?" After eating a mouthful, most of these dishes are actually sweet, incredibly looked at Itachi, he likes to eat sweet things? In addition to some dishes like sweet, she is not particularly fond of sweet,Heme Iron Polypeptide, and Xiao's cooking skills are not very good, so that girls eat no appetite, eat a few mouthfuls do not want to eat. It's been almost a week! Itachi stood beside her and watched her nibble at the meal. There was a sense of happiness and satisfaction in her heart. When she woke up this time, her whole temperament changed again. A silver dot the size of a small fingernail appeared between her eyebrows. Her whole face looked very holy. What was this? I could feel the temperature of Brother Itachi's fingers between his eyebrows. They were a little cold. His fingers often held the calluses caused by suffering. They were a little rough. There was a feeling of numbness that spread all over his body from his forehead. Suddenly he felt a little weak. Itachi. Elder brother Hinata's soft voice made Itachi suddenly realize that he had touched it, and hurriedly withdrew his hand. The girl's face was very red, and her eyes were embarrassed to see him hanging down. Itachi also recalled the smooth feeling of touching it just now, a little embarrassed. Here you are.. There's something! He nodded between his eyebrows, Itachi said. When his hand left his eyebrows, the feeling of powerlessness suddenly disappeared, and Hinata touched his eyebrows strangely. Eh? What is it? Nothing He wiped it hard again, and his forehead was red, and he didn't feel like he had just touched his forehead. Stop wiping! Don't you have any pain? The skin would break if I rubbed it any more. Itachi grabbed her wrist, a little angry. Hinata shook his head with grievance. Didn't you say there was something? “…… Should not be wiped off, it is growing from the skin! Itachi looked carefully at the silver dots between her eyebrows, and after her skin was rubbed red, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, the silver dots became brighter, and her black eyes looked at Hinata tenderly. Fingers gently stroked again, there is no concave and convex feeling, it is completely a little bright color on the skin, just in the middle of the eyebrows. Is this feeling of powerlessness, Hinata involuntarily gently trembled, the body is soft, can not help groaning on the table. Itachi asked worriedly, "What's wrong?"? Are you uncomfortable? Hinata shook his head doubtfully on the edge of the table and touched his eyebrows with one hand. What's wrong? Why is it suddenly powerless? What's wrong with her body? Brother Itachi, what do I really have here? What does it look like? There is no mirror here, naturally do not know what is long, not what strange things! It's a silver, small, round dot. Right here! When he touched her forehead, his fingertips touched her lightly, and there was another sense of powerlessness. Hinata felt dizzy, but because his hand left quickly, it was all right immediately. Cover your forehead, touch it carefully, touch nothing, but you don't feel anything, silver dots? Could it be the silver beads I found when I looked inside just now? 198. Alone The only thing Hinata could think of was the bead she found when she looked inside. She didn't understand how it appeared, but now it suddenly appeared between her eyebrows, exposing such a big target. If she was touched or rubbed in the fight, she would be finished! Thinking of this, the girl could not help complaining, but still wanted to try, so she grabbed Itachi's hand and pressed it on her forehead. Itachi was taken aback, did not react to come over the whole palm has been covered on her forehead, the palm happened to be located between her eyebrows, a cold breath wrapped around his palm, seemed to resist his touch, just felt very cold, gradually felt warm, as if immersed in warm water is very comfortable. Hinata was also on the cover of Itachi's palm, at the same time, he felt a cold breath flowing out from between his eyebrows, and the temperature of Itachi's palm slowly warmed the cold True Qi, Hinata felt as if she was being held in the palm of her hand, and her consciousness became in a trance, and the warmth around her made her tremble involuntarily, and her brain began to feel dizzy. The body swayed to one side as drunk and powerless. Hinata, what's wrong with you? Uchiha Itachi caught her body, and the girl was dizzy and had no strength at all. Suddenly I have no strength. There was a pause before he answered. I'll get someone to show you! "No, just take a break. I think I know why!" Uchiha Itachi picked her up, struggling to put her on the bed or continue to hold her like this. Reason told him that he should let her lie on the bed, and he should be as far away as possible, but his hands were conscious of holding her,Glucono Delta Lactone, and there was no other movement. His body is more honest than his brain! With a wry smile in his heart, he slowly sat down on the chair and let her lean on his shoulder. He was still too greedy, and it was all right for the time being!.

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