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Description: However, although Mr. Barnaby confirmed his idea that it was a fraud, he was still full of curiosity about it, so he decided to see what was going on. He arrived at the Brasserie Plati on time, as requested in the note. Prati Bistro looks very beautiful and is very famous in the area. It has the best tobacco and the best and best rum. There is a garden at the back of the tavern, which extends to the front of the harbor. There are many palms and ferns in the garden, as well as many flowers. There are many small tables in the garden, some of which are set in small caves, similar to Vauxhall cars in New York. There are also some colorful paper lanterns hanging on the plants, which are very beautiful. In the evening, the ladies and gentlemen would sit under the lanterns drinking lime juice with sugar and water (and sometimes strong drinks), and watching the boats on the cool night. Barnaby arrived at the tavern a little earlier than the time specified in the note. He walked through the tavern to the back garden and took a seat on the lower ground, near the water. This position is relatively hidden, even if someone comes in, he will not be easily found. Then he lit some watered down rum and a bag of cigarettes. He sat looking calmly around to see if there was really a prankster who was gleefully reaping his harvest and admiring his disarray. This place is really comfortable, the wind blowing from the land to the sea is very strong, the palm leaves rustling overhead, and the full moon hanging high, which makes people relaxed and happy. The gentle lapping of the sea against the stones at the bottom of the garden hillside sounded very clear at night,Inflatable dry slide, and the moonlight shone jagged at the junction of the harbor and the sea. There were many ships moored in the harbor, and one of them, a huge black warship, was so obtrusive that one could not help looking at it a few more times. The hero waited there for nearly an hour, smoking cigarettes and drinking wine. His eyes were fixed on the garden, but he did not find any person related to the note. Half an hour after the time stated in the note, a small boat suddenly appeared out of the darkness and stopped at the edge of the garden. Then three or four men came ashore. Without saying a word,inflatable amusement park, they sat down at a nearby table, ordered rum and drank quietly. After sitting for about five or six minutes, Barnaby noticed that the men were watching him curiously. Suddenly, one of them, who looked like their leader, shouted to him, "Hey, friend, why don't you come and have a drink with us?" "Oh, no," replied Barnaby humbly. "I've had a lot. I'll be drunk if I drink any more." "But," said the stranger, "I think you'd better come and have a drink with us! If I'm not mistaken, you're Mr. Barnaby Chu, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable water park on lake, and I'm here to tell you that the Monarch has entered port. Barnaby did not expect them to say these words in this way, so he was very surprised. He had thought that he might hear the joint signal in a very secret environment, but he had not thought that the words came from the mouth of a stranger who had landed mysteriously and said it in such a serious way. He could hardly believe his ears, and his heart pounded. If he had been a little more mature and sensible, I believe he would have refused this adventure, instead of blindly entering it as he is now, which can neither see the beginning nor the end. But he was only twenty-one and adventurous by nature, so he wanted to try all kinds of uncertain or dangerous things, so he replied in a relaxed way (God only knows how he faked it in that situation): "Well, if the Monarch does come into port, and you're so kind as to invite me, I'll have a drink with you." So he came to their table with his cigarette and sat down. He smoked and pretended that nothing had happened. "Well, Mr. Barnaby Chu," Barnaby sat down, and the man who first spoke to him, as if afraid of being heard, said to him in a low voice, "Well, Mr. Barnaby Chu, I call you by your first name because although you don't know me, I know you. I'm glad you are a real man. Although you don't know what's going on, you still come. It shows that you are a man of courage. Tonight, you deserve the fortune that has come to you. But before we move on, let me take a look at that note. "Very good," said Barnaby. "I'm keeping it well. Look." He unhurriedly took from his wallet the mysterious note he had received two days before, opened it, and handed it to the man. Another man picked up the note, approached the candle on the table that the hotel had prepared for guests to smoke, and began to read the note. For a minute or two, Barnaby sized him up. The man was tall and strong, with a red scarf around his neck and shoes decorated with brass buckles. Barnaby Chu surmised that perhaps he was the man who had handed Miss Eliza the note that day. "Well, that's it," said the man after reading the note. "Since we've already read it, I'll burn it just to be safe.". As he spoke, he rolled up the note and put it on the flame of the candle. Now, "he continued," I'll tell you why I'm here. I have been sent here to ask you if you are a real man who can control his own destiny, and if you will come with us on board? If so, let's not waste time and start now, because that demon is already on the coast of Jamaica. You don't know who this demon is, but if he gets ahead of us, we may not find what we're looking for. If you don't want to, I'll leave right now,Inflatable water park factory, and I promise I won't bother you again. So, young man, tell me frankly what you think. Are you willing to take the risk? ? joyshineinflatables.com

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