Liancheng Jue

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Description: When Di Yun heard that he was speaking insincerely, he asked, "I heard that the big house was originally where your younger brother, Elder Qi, lived.". This elder Qi is nicknamed'Tiesuo Hengjiang '. What does that mean? He grew up with the master, and saw that the master was an honest and honest countryman, but Ding Dian said that he was very calculating, so he wanted to ask again whether the rumor of Ding Dian's words was wrong. Yan Daping said, "My Younger Martial Brother Qi Changfa's nickname is'Tiesuo Hengjiang '. That's because people say that he is resourceful and very difficult to deal with people. It's like a big iron chain locking the river surface, which means that the boats in the river can't go up and down." Di Yun felt sad and said to himself, "Brother Ding is right. My master is such a person. I have been deceived by him since I was a child. He has never shown me his true colors.". But, but he's always been good to me, and it's nothing to lie to me. Still with a glimmer of hope in his heart, he added, "This kind of nickname in Jianghu may not be reliable. Maybe it was given to him by Master Qi's enemy.". You and your Younger Martial Brother learn from the same school, so you naturally know his temperament and temper. What is his temper? Yan Daping sighed and said, "It's not that I want to speak ill of my fellow disciples. Since the benefactor has asked about it, I dare not hide anything.". I, Younger Martial Brother Qi, seem to be a wooden ox and a stupid horse, but my mind can't be more dexterous. Otherwise, how could he get the'Liancheng Sword Spectrum '? Di Yun nodded. After a while, he said, "How do you know that the'Liancheng Sword Spectrum 'is really in his hands?"? Did you see it with your own eyes? "I didn't see it with my own eyes," said Yan Daping, "but after careful consideration, he must have taken it." "I've heard that you often pretend to be a beggar, don't you?" Asked Di Yun. Yan Daping was surprised again: "This man is so fierce that he even knows about it." Service road: "Engong is well-informed, and I can't hide anything from you.". At the beginning,ultrasonic dispersing machine, I expected that this'Liancheng Sword Spectrum 'was either in the hands of Elder Martial Brother Wan or in the hands of Younger Martial Brother Qi, so I disguised myself as a beggar and went back and forth in western Hunan and western Hubei to listen to the news. "Why do you think it's in their hands?" Asked Di Yun. "When my teacher was dying," said Yan Daping, "he gave this to my three brothers.." Remembering what Ding Dian had said about the murder of Master Mei Niansheng by Wan, Yan, and Qi on the banks of the Yangtze River that night, Di Yun snorted and said, "Did he personally give it to you?"? I'm afraid. I'm afraid. Not really, is it? Did he die a good death? Yan Daping jumped to his feet and pointed at him, saying, "You.." And you are Ding. Ding Dian. Uncle Ding? The message that Ding Dian buried Mei Niansheng was finally leaked, so when Yan Daping heard that he had exposed the crime of killing his teacher, he guessed that he was Ding Dian. "I'm not Ding Dian," said Di Yun lightly. Brother Ding hates evil. He He saw with his own eyes that the three of you killed the master together. If I were Brother Ding, I would not save you today and let you die in ten thousand. Under the sword of Wan Zhenshan. "Then who are you?" Asked Yan Daping. "You don't care who I am, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic metal welding," said Di Yun. If you want others to know, you must not do it yourself. After you killed the master together, you grabbed the Liancheng Sword Spectrum. What happened afterwards? Yan Daping said in a trembling voice, "Now that you know everything, why ask me again?" "There are some things I know and some things I don't know," said Di Yun. Please speak honestly. If there is a lie, I will always find out. Surprised and frightened, Yan Daping said, "How dare I cheat my benefactor?"? After the three of my brothers got the'Liancheng Sword Spectrum ', they found that there was only the Sword Spectrum, but there was no sword formula. It was still useless, so they went to track down the sword formula.. "Brother Ding said," said Di Yunxin, "this sword has something to do with a great treasure. Now that Mei Niansheng, Miss Ling, and Brother Ding have all passed away, no one in the world knows the sword formula. You are still dreaming. Yan Daping went on to say, "You don't trust me, and I don't trust you. The three of us sleep in the same room every night. This book of swords is locked in an iron box.". We put the key on the lock of the iron box into the river. The iron box was placed in the drawer of the table in the room. There were three small chains on the iron box, which were tied to the hands of three people. If anyone moved, the other two people would be surprised. Di Yun sighed and said, "This is a very careful precaution." "I didn't know there was trouble," said Yan Daping. "What's the trouble again?" Asked Di Yun. "That night," said Yan Daping, "the three of us slept in our room. The next morning, Wan Zhenshan suddenly shouted, 'Where is the Sword Spectrum? Where is the sword spectrum? ' I was startled to see that the drawer of the iron box had been opened and not closed, the lid of the iron box had been opened, and the sword spectrum in the box had disappeared. The three of us were so frightened that we tried our best to find it, but where could we find it? This is too strange. The doors and windows in the room are still fastened by iron buckles. They are still intact. Therefore, the sword spectrum must not be stolen by outsiders. It was either Elder Martial Brother Wan or Younger Martial Brother Qi who did it. Chapter 9 Liang Shanpo and Zhu Yingtai (6) "Sure enough," said Di Yun. "Why don't you open the doors and windows in the dark and pretend it's an outsider?" Yan Daping sighed and said, "All three of our wrists are connected by chains.". Quietly get up to open the drawer, open the iron box, that is possible, to go far to open the doors and windows, the chain is not long enough. "I see," said Di Yun. So what do you do? Yan Daping said, "It's not easy to get a sword. Of course we won't give up.". Three people you blame me, I blame you, a big quarrel, but no one can say what evidence, had to go their separate ways. "There's one thing I don't understand," said Di Yun. "I'd like to ask for advice. Since your master has such a book, he will pass it to you sooner or later. Does he want to take it to the coffin? Why do you have to do this? Why do you want to kill the master to rob this sword? "My master, my master," said Yan Daping, "alas,ultrasonic molten metal, he.. He is very confused. He believes that our three martial brothers have bad intentions and never pass on the swordsmanship in our swordsmanship spectrum. Seeing that he is looking for another successor, he even wants to pass on all his martial arts to outsiders. The three of us could not bear it any more and were forced to do so. That's when I did it. "I see," said Di Yun. How did you conclude that the Sword Spectrum was in the hands of your Younger Martial Brother Qi? ?

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