Kunlun Prequel ยท Tiexue Tianjiao-Fengge _ txt Novel Paradise

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Description: Waiter's snobbish eyes showed that the visitor was extraordinary. "I'm coming," he said with a smile. I'm coming. Light on the palm of your hand. Wen Jing looked and saw seven or eight tables of guests in the shop. A man and a woman were sitting nearby. The man was about twenty years old, with an eagle nose and deep eyes, black clothes like ink, eyes looking straight ahead, cold and expressionless, and a long and narrow black silk sac on his right hand, which he did not know what to hold. The woman only saw her back, wearing an embroidered pleated skirt, her posture was very graceful, her hair was tied up with a gold ring, revealing the snow-white skin on her neck. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a famous dish in a small shop. The bartender brought a white porcelain box and said with a smile, "It's called'Running Wild in Drunkenness'." Said to open the box, an intoxicating fragrance of wine immediately into Wen Jing's nostrils. Looking closely, I saw more than ten big red crabs in the box. Duanmu Changge can't help laughing: "Isn't it just a'drunk crab '?"? He even had such an elegant name. "Is this delicious." Wen Jing was stunned. He had never eaten crabs since he was born. My guest knows that the crabs are fat in autumn. The crabs are full of fat at this time, but it's time to eat them. "Oh." Wen Jing looked a little scared and didn't dare to eat chopsticks. My guest will know as soon as he tries. The bartender tried to instigate. Wen Jing looked at Bai Pu, who said with a slight smile, "Chitose, please." They had already made an appointment to call Wen Jing "Chitose" along the way in case of leaking secrets. Wen Jing had no choice but to pick up a crab, open his mouth and bite off a large piece, and then they heard the sound of creaking,collapsible pallet box, like the sound coming from the stone mill. Well, it's delicious. It's crisp outside and tender inside. It's really delicious. Wen Jing pretended to be very good at it and announced it to a group of stunned people. Liang Tiande secretly complained: "This boy has never eaten crabs, and now he has lost face." "Elder Martial Brother," he said with a crisp northern accent, "so crabs can be eaten like this!" Wen Jing looked up and happened to see the woman turn her head. Now his face was flushed and his heart was pounding. The woman looked less than twenty, with an oval face, a snow-white blush, a sharp nose, willow eyebrows bent into her temples,plastic pallet manufacturer, and a pair of big and charming eyes, which were full of ripples and thoughts. When she saw Wen Jing looking at her, she could not help but raise the corners of her mouth slightly, and there was a smile between her eyebrows and eyes. She was so beautiful that she made the silly boy laugh crazily. What a beautiful girl. Bai Pu thought to himself, "But the beauty is really evil. How can a girl from the Central Plains have such a skin and nose that deceives the frost and snow? She looks like a woman from the Western Regions." Think of here, can not help but secretly pay attention to. Hey, nerd, why are you always looking at me? The girl smiled at Wen Jing. The man in black turned around when he heard this, and his eyes, like ice and snow, pierced Wen Jing's face. Wen Jing was startled, a cavity of blood suddenly cold most. That person however "Yi" one, in the eye brushed a trace of surprise. The girl said to Wen Jing again, "Idiot, will you give me one of the crabs in your box?" "Yes." Wen Jing hurriedly agreed. Just about to stretch out chopsticks. Suddenly the man in black said, ibc spill containment pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, "Yu Ling, don't make a scene. You've ordered this dish." Wen Jing looked around, two people on the table really placed an identical white porcelain box, can not help but some confused. The girl curled her lips and said, "But why do our crabs have to be shelled, but their crabs can be eaten?" Wen Jing was startled to see Duanmu Changge peeling off a crab, revealing the red and white crab meat, and immediately blood gushed into his cheeks, almost drilling a hole in the ground. The bartender quickly laughed and said, "The girl misunderstood. Crabs do need to be shelled, but.." It's just that this guest's way of eating is a little different. "Really?" Said the girl. "I think their crabs are different. Are you bullying me for being a northerner and giving us bad crabs and giving them delicious food? Small shop Erlian sky-high price to complain, only looking at Wen Jing secretly scold. The girl walked to Wen Jing's side, ignoring others. She reached out and grabbed one. She put it in her mouth and took a bite. With her backhand, she gave Wen Jing a mouth and shouted, "Are you a stupid pig? Can you eat this?" Wen Jing was stunned by this slap in the face, and was stunned on the spot, with five fingerprints clearly printed on his left face. The other four were all furious. Yan Gang stood up on the table and shouted, "You woman, after eating, you still want to beat people. There is no such reason in the world.". "The girl sneered," Are you not convinced? This girl is never reasonable in beating people. The voice did not fall, the jade hand turned over, is a slap in the face to Wen Jing. Wen Jing got the first slap in the face because he had no defense at all, but after all, he had practiced kung fu for many years. Although his practice was extremely poor, he had a lesson from the past. When he saw her coming, he hurriedly leaned back. It was said that he was not slow to hide, but the girl's jade hand followed him like a shadow, following his retreat. With a crisp sound, the girl's handprint was left on her right face. Now Wen Jing's face is really symmetrical and perfect. Yan Gang was so furious that he pressed his hand on the table and jumped up like a goshawk fighting a rabbit. He crossed the Eight Immortals table and slapped the girl in the face. Seeing his big hand clap, the girl smiled and did not dodge, but pinched her five fingers slightly, like a bud, rising slowly from her chest. Halfway through, Yan Gang looked at the girl's beautiful face and thought, "If there are five more fingerprints on this pretty face, I will really do evil." With a soft heart, he raised his arm, turned his palm into a claw, and grabbed the girl's hair bun. At the moment of his change, the girl's five fingers, like white magnolia flowers, were in full bloom. Yan Gang only heard a "sniff" sound, a sharp pain in his palm, and hurriedly kicked his legs horizontally. The girl's tea sleeves were relaxed and fluttered lightly on his ankles. Yan Gang seemed to have kicked the iron plate and turned it back. A burst of noise crushed the Eight Immortals table behind him. Raised his right hand to see, I saw five blood holes, blood gurgling out, can not help but angry intersection. The girl curled her lips and said, "I wanted to waste your hand, but I didn't expect you to be so clever that you changed your moves in the air." Yan Gang was so sweaty that he realized that if he hadn't pitied her beauty and raised his arm,plastic bulk containers, his palm would have been pierced by her five fingers and ruined. I asked who it was. Yan Gang looked back and saw Bai Pu standing up slowly: "So it's the'Black Water 'door man." "So you know my kung fu," said the girl with a smile. "Ruyi Magic Hand?" Bai Pu said lightly, "of course Bai Mou knows it." ? binpallet.com

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