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Description: For a time, the demon emperor took the old Xuanwu king, and the wood emperor took the wood without dust, and rushed to the demon world from two directions. The two emperors did not know how much trouble they would have when they met. With the departure of the green waist of the wooden emperor, the troops in the wooden mansion attacked the demon world crazily. For a time, everyone in the demon world was frightened. Without the front line of the demon world as a shield, they retreated step by step, and the whole army was routed. There are a lot of talents in the demon world, and there are a lot of masters, but there are very few outstanding talents who lead the troops to fight. A commander's martial arts are high, which can only represent himself, but does not represent how well he leads the troops. He has studied countless art of war, and is waiting for the wood world used today to come prepared. It is really worse. And the human world, which has been at war with the wood world, is sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight covetously at this time. It doesn't start, nor does it follow up the victory. Anyway, it's like watching a good show. I don't know what kind of medicine the white clothes are selling. | raicy hand typing, reprint please specify | On the battlefield, the war was tight, but the demon emperor and the wood emperor rushed to Lidu day and night to inspect the body of Lieqing, to confirm whether Lieqing was alive or dead. Lidu, located in the border of the demon world and the middle point of the demon capital, at this time the whole city atmosphere is thick and depressed, the whole has been lockdown, because the order issued by the demon emperor, let a boiling city, into a dead silence. Where is the body of Lieqing? Demon Emperor Canglong rushed to Lidu. The governor of Lidu,digital whiteboard price, who was supposed to be transported here, was listening to the orders of the demon emperor and the war situation on the border when he heard that the demon emperor was coming to inspect it in person. It was a panic. He wanted to take credit for it, but now it seems that it has brought disaster to the nine clans. The present successor dare not slow down, directly in the center of the place, built a huge mourning hall, memorial Qingjiang, at this time to see the demon emperor came, the words dare not say more directly with the past. The coffin made of sandalwood was placed high in the center of the huge mourning hall. The elegiac couplets around it were nothing more than words like loyalty to the army for the country and a generation of heroes. The people around it were almost standing in the city of Lidu. A city of people were observing filial piety for it. This scene looked ridiculous. It was nothing to kill and mourn. As soon as Canglong entered the mourning hall, he looked at the crimson sandalwood coffin. He frowned and shouted in a deep voice, "Open the coffin. The emperor wants to see the emperor's green generals with his own eyes." "Your Majesty,temperature check kiosk, this dead person is big, a coffin, the best." "Cut the crap. The emperor orders you to open the coffin." Before the new governor had finished speaking, Canglong raised his eyebrows and shouted in a cold voice, scaring the governor on the side into a cold sweat on his forehead. Come on, we want to see him with our own eyes. Even if it's really offensive, Lieqing will forgive us. When the old Xuanwu King saw this, he stepped forward and put his palm on the edge of the coffin. With a little magic, the thick lid of the coffin was opened silently, revealing the objects inside. Canglong and the old Xuanwu king immediately looked in together, a blue python robe bedding, can not see the form of the body, put together, not completely, although the modification and splicing, but also can not see the original appearance, although the magic power can always keep the face not destroyed, but for the body has been destroyed, but there is no regeneration function. The bloody head, touch screen kiosk ,touch screen digital signage, can not see the appearance, Canglong and the old Xuanwu King Qi Qi frowned, observed the clothes, is fierce green, but this damage is too serious, it is not sure. After the black dragon frowned slightly, the sleeve robe waved its palm and brushed away the flesh, and the purple light enveloped the whole coffin in an instant. What a ruthless demon emperor! People are dead, but you still do such a thing. The purple light of the black dragon enveloped the coffin, and a cold and angry voice came out in the distance. At the last word, the man was already standing outside the mourning hall. Gratitude did not fall, a very strong, extremely angry majestic force crazy toward the black dragon, the black dragon saw a change in complexion, sleeve robe suddenly waved over, purple light rapid on the blue force, only to hear a loud bang, the force directly destroyed half of the mourning hall, around the wake of the people, was mercilessly hit out, wailing. Wooden Emperor. After each took a step back, Cang Longmei looked at the man in front of him with a murderous look in his eyes. The wooden emperor's green waist did not look at the black dragon, but looked at the coffin in the mourning hall. Suddenly, with a wave of his wrist and a clasp of his fingers, a blue force lifted the sandalwood coffin and flew towards him in an instant. Cang Long saw a sharp flash of light in his eyes and shouted, "How dare you come to the emperor's territory to rob people." As he spoke, he moved his sleeve robe, reached into the void and grabbed the coffin that was flying toward the green waist. | raicy hand typing, reprint please specify | Suddenly, the red sandalwood coffin stopped in the air, kept shaking slightly, but neither moved forward, nor retreated, so stiff in the air. Green Waist stood in front of the mourning hall. His eyes were red with blood. "So what?" He shouted angrily. The people around the wake had been struck by the two men earlier, and each of them had lost half of his soul. At this time, it was the wooden emperor who was fighting against their dragon emperor. Suddenly, there was a great uproar, but it was shocked by the bloodlust and anger of the wooden emperor's green waist. They avoided it far away and dared not rush forward to start. All right, you green waist, you don't want to be the emperor, I really can't clean you up. The Dragon Emperor was furious. With a wave of his wrist, he hit the green waist with his palm in the air, bringing up countless wind blades. Green waist snorts coldly: "Who cleans up who, still do not know." With cruel words in his mouth, the other hand did not see how to make a gesture, and with a touch of a force on the black dragon. In an instant, countless air currents shot in all directions from the force of the collision between the two men. The force of one blue and one purple lay across the air, confronting each other and biting each other. The temporary mourning hall, which had been attacked by the two of them, suddenly broke open. The broken bracket flew out into the distance, injuring countless people. The people of Lidu, who were standing far away to watch, screamed and ran around. Purple mixed with cyan, in the air confrontation, the surrounding air can almost hurt and invisible, and then in the same area of the red sandalwood coffin, but a good stiff in midair, no lines. When the old Xuanwu King, who was standing beside the black dragon, saw this,interactive kiosk price, he turned to the green waist with a serious face and said, "Muhuang, how can I say that this is the territory of my demon world? Don't be too arrogant. There is no one in my demon world." ?

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