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Description: I slowly told Rick about my dream, which left us both feeling helpless. I dared not look at the young body in the case and begged Rick to close the lid of the case. Rick slowly approached the cello case and could see that his heart was trembling, too. The sun shone on the case through the yellow curtain at the other end, slowly illuminating the contents clearly. Even standing at a distance, I could see an elusive smile on the dried face of the corpse. She's laughing! Rick suddenly turned around and called out to me. The sound was so abrupt that I was scared out of a cold sweat and stared at the body. Rick quickly retreated to my side and hugged my shoulder. At that moment, the door of the room suddenly closed, as if someone had slammed the door from the outside. We ran eagerly to the door and tried to open it, but no matter how hard we tried, the heavy black wooden door would not move. At that moment, we heard a strange, sharp sound behind us. How interesting How interesting I dare not turn back, but I can't turn back. Because the body of the child in the piano case is slowly crawling out of it. Her body trembled and she staggered toward me. Her face was so horrible that it broke my heart. She stretched out her arms straight,304 Stainless Steel Bar, as if to grab something, and rushed straight at me. I retreated in horror, and Rick stood in front of me. At this time, we saw a lot of paper thrown at the bottom of the cello box, which seemed to be printed with words from a distance. Don't come any closer! Rick called out to the mummy in a trembling voice,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but it didn't work. We backed all the way back to the corner. The child's body was standing at our feet, and she looked up with a look of sadness on her wrinkled face. There seemed to be a pair of smart eyes buried in her dry eyes. Slowly, a tear fell from her eye. I felt my heart buried in my eardrum, and the overwhelming sound disturbed my soul. I looked over Rick's shoulder at the child. Her hand was still stretched out straight, as if to grasp something. Finally, I extended my hand to her, and Rick got out of the way in surprise, watching my unusual behavior. But I couldn't control my behavior at all. I grabbed the child's dry and twisted hands as if I had been hypnotized. She looked at me hopefully. I slowly crouched down and held her in my arms. Her body was so small that when I gently encircled her, the small body broke into countless sawdust fragments and collapsed on the ground. I looked in amazement at the crook of my arm. There was nothing left. On the ground was only a small gauze skirt that the child was wearing, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and a pile of sawdust fragments. When a gust of wind entered the room through the window, it blew these fragments into dust and disappeared in an instant. Still squatting on the ground, I picked up the gauze skirt on the ground. It was just ivory, and nothing had changed with the passage of time. It was a modified skirt. Someone had sewn it carefully. Its inside was lined with golden silk, as if someone had wasted the most expensive material to make the child happy. Rick's warm hand fell on my shoulder. "The body has been left too long. It's weathered." I grabbed the skirt and stood up. I was met with his stunned eyes. I asked slowly, "What's wrong with you?"? Why are you looking at me like that? "You.." He stammered, "You're in tears." I picked up the mirror and found that as he said, tears were falling from my eyes, but I was unaware of it. Why? Sad, but you can't feel it? Now, in this room, it was so quiet that only my heartbeat and his heartbeat could be heard. We sat side by side, and only the arm that touched each other could feel the warmth of each other. Then he took me in his arms. "Are you afraid?" "What are you afraid of?" "The truth.". ” We are all dead, we are already dead. In fact, I should have known, should have been aware of, no one's life will appear so many strange things, I have met every story in the people with a wish that can not be solved stubbornly entangled in their own fate, they are waiting for the day when the answer is revealed. Their faith is hidden in this dead city; in this house; in this closet that is not allowed to be opened. This is a huge box that hides corpses, and when this box is opened, their souls will be liberated. "No," I said softly. "I feel lucky to have found the truth." I raised my head and looked at him, and now his eyes were no longer hesitant and evasive. What about you? Why didn't you disappear from me like everyone else? Do you have any unfinished business? "You." He looked down at me: After you find me, I will never be able to shirk this responsibility. I thought it was over. However, you found me, like a lost lamb, so lost, so helpless. So I have to take you on the way back. It's my duty. He grabbed my hand and kissed it on his lips. "Let me be your guide and accompany you through all the frustrations and thorns, OK?" To be loved, to be deeply loved,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, I gradually freed myself from the initial fear of discovering the truth. He was right. It didn't matter. The most important thing was that I had never felt loved before, but I found it here. Then I saw the cello case lying flat in the corner. What was in it? I broke away from Rick's hand and walked over. The lining of the case had been contaminated by corpse water, and there was a thick stack of newspaper clippings inside. I picked up the fragments cut out from the old newspapers and read them carefully. I found that they all followed a famous cellist without exception. Almost every chapter of different sizes was full of enthusiastic praise for how the great musician had created miracles. 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