Heluo Jingjiao Version: Tiancan Potato

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Description: Xiahou eyes ice cold, step out, a terrible spiritual power pressure like a storm swept away from its body, heaven and earth are some discoloration, that kind of spiritual power vigorous degree, far beyond those who through the physical difficulties of the master. Spiritual power is difficult, it is a change from spiritual power, through this difficulty, the degree of spiritual power will be far greater than the physical difficulty. Swish! Xiahou's body swept out like a ghost, and in a flash, it appeared in the sky in front of Luo Li, and then his fingers were bent, like claws, and his fingertips were shining like jade, with a particularly sharp feeling emanating from his fingertips. Picking stars and jade hands! Xiahou low drink, his white palm, unexpectedly as if through the space, with an indescribable speed, to Luo Li mercilessly grasp. However, in the face of his offensive, Luo Li's glass-like eyes, there was no panic, and even the jade hand that had held the sword tightly was slightly relaxed. Aware of the whole body relaxed Luo Li, Xiahou eyebrows are a wrinkle, apparently by the other side of this move made some doubts,pipe cantilever rack, but now the offensive has come out, he did not believe that the girl in front of him really dare to bear their own offensive. Whew! Just as Xiahou's offensive was about to fall to Luo Li, the corner of his eye suddenly jumped, and a sharp sound of breaking the air like running thunder resounded through, and a terrible strong wind enveloped it in an instant. Xiahou aware of the fierce wind, a slight change in complexion, palm potential, backhand clap, directly with the fierce wind, abruptly regret together. Boom! When the white jade palm collided with the strong wind,Narrow aisle rack, Xiahou saw that it seemed to be a black pike with a flashing thunder arc, and after the pike, a teenager smiled at him with an endless chill. That is Muchen?! Xiahou pupil suddenly shrank. Chapter 469 Dark Forest. When the figure of Mu Chen appeared in Xiahou's line of sight, the sharp black pike, already carrying the overbearing wind, like lightning, collided heavily with Xiahou's white jade palm wind. Boom! At the moment of impact, the violent and terrible wind suddenly raged like a storm, and under the impact of that terrible wind, even the space was rippled layer by layer. The terrible impact swept in, and when it was about to reach the dust, there was a sudden flash of thunder on his body, thunder lines on his chest emerged, and his skin was a faint black, looking like black iron, shining with an indestructible luster. Boom! The shock wave hit the body of the herdsman heavily, but it broke out like a sound of gold and iron, Pallet rack upright ,Warehouse storage racks, the body of the herdsman shook, the body was shaken back, but there was no sign of injury. On the opposite side, Xiahou's body is also a shock, but he did not directly use the body to bear the impact, but a stamp on the soles of his feet, strong to the extreme spiritual power is swept out, directly with the impact of hard regret together, muffled sound, his body is also floating away. Both of them retreated for tens of feet and then stood still. The whole world is silent. All the teams are looking at the scene in front of them with a face that can't hide their horror. There is a thick layer of incredible in their eyes. The strength of the herdsman dust in the late period of Tongtianjing, unexpectedly, with Xiahou, who has passed through the difficulty of spiritual power, has a positive hard regret? And there was no injury? Tang Meier and that week ape complexion is also a little bit of dignified up, eyes for the first time really re-examine that has a slender body, handsome face of the young man. They know Xiahou's fierce, spiritual power difficult strength, I'm afraid in the whole Lingyuan contest, are able to count as top-notch, if it is the two of them single against Xiahou, perhaps it is also able to fight a few times with it, but it is absolutely no chance to win, so they are also quite afraid of Xiahou. And Mu Chen. There is too much difference between the late strength of Tongtianjing and the difficulty of spiritual power. After they saw the strength of Luo Li before, they also thought that maybe the captain of Mu Chen was just a cover, but now, this idea has been shaken. This seemingly ordinary teenager seems to have an extremely terrible fighting capacity. "Tut-tut, I was wrong this time. No wonder I was able to make Qianer that girl fascinated. She really has some skills." Tang Meier pursed her sexy red lips and immediately gave a charming smile, her charming eyes glancing back and forth with interest on the body of the herdsman. Ape Zhou licked his mouth and stared at the eyes of the herdsman, but it was a little hot, and his palm could not help rubbing the black iron bar, apparently the fighting madman was itching again. In the sky, Xiahou looked at Muchen with gloomy eyes and said slowly, "No wonder you are so arrogant. You have some abilities." Mu Chen smiled, flexed his fingers, and the pike in his hand disappeared. He looked up at Xiahou and said with a smile, "I'm laughing. There should still be some gap compared with Captain Xiahou." After a pause, he chuckled and said, "I wonder if Captain Xiahou thinks we are qualified now?" Xiahou took a deep look at Muchen, and immediately there was a smile on his face. He said, "If the strength of Captain Muchen is not qualified, maybe few people here are qualified." Although the previous confrontation is only a moment, but Xiahou is able to feel some of the difficulties of Muchen, although he does not think that if the real war Muchen will be his opponent, but compared to before, after all, we should pay attention to some, moreover, now he. Muchen smiled arch hand, this Xiahou is also a character, know how to endure, but Muchen also know, if the previous battle, he did not show that kind of power, I'm afraid this Xiahou will not hesitate to be ruthless, kill the chicken to warn the monkey, but now this guy saw Muchen strength beyond his expectations,Pallet rack supplier, immediately converged the killing in his eyes. Although it is true that their team is the strongest here, Xiahou is not sure that they can avoid being picked up by Wanhuang Lingyuan and Wulingyuan after they have tried their best to solve the problem. Therefore, this Xiahou also had to endure for a while. 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