Heart Tomb (full text plus extra)

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Description: "If you don't mind, sit down and eat together." Zhao Shicheng finally opened his mouth. Hearing this, everyone crowded around and moved out of a vacant seat, which was naturally on the side of the question, which made the question frown. OK He Yi sat generously on the vacant seat. However, as soon as he sat down, there was a problem. This table was full of working meals. Naturally, there was a quota for all the meals. The dishes were good, and there was no bowl left. Rong Hua, call the food stall and ask them to send two more dishes and a bowl of rice. Zhao Shicheng told his sister in a faint voice. Mmm. Rong Hua nodded and was about to get up. You don't have to go to so much trouble. I'll just have a bowl with Yuwen. He Yi stopped it. Rong Hua stopped and looked at his second brother. Zhao Shicheng did not open his mouth, but his eyes darkened. Yuwen was still trying to pick up the food, but her rice bowl was suddenly taken away. Ten seconds later, she could only stare at it and return to her hands, leaving only half of the white rice. If I remember correctly, you couldn't eat a bowl, could you? I'll share your meal so it won't go to waste. He Yi smiled. Everybody nods desperately, handsome boy is not wrong, the person here all knows, ask always the appetite is only half bowl only, the rest is basically spoiled. Yu asked to move his eyes and looked at He Yi in amazement as he lowered his head to eat the white rice she had eaten. His throat was moving, and every mouthful he swallowed might have her saliva. Everyone is quiet, and they want to see the excitement, but they dare not be too obvious. Because, He Yi and Yu asked the relationship between the two people, do not have to guess, has been able to be sure, after all, only lovers will be so self-conscious. Divide the food naturally. But what can Dr. Zhao do? Rong Hua noticed that the second elder brother had long lost his flying eyebrows, and he was so silent that he only had a mouthful of pickled rice. Second brother, I'll give you some of my food. Rong Hua asked cautiously. He looked up and noticed that he had been eating only white rice, and that there were few dishes left on the plate. No need- "his voice just fell,Vegetable oil filling machine, his bowl has more than a prawn.". In addition to shrimp, Yu Wen also grabbed the cuttlefish and vegetables from his bowl and put them into his bowl one by one. No, that's enough. Zhao Shicheng stopped, because He Yi, who was also eating almost white rice, slowly put down his chopsticks and stared at them with extremely serious eyes. But she did not care until half of the dishes in her bowl had passed, and she stopped and continued to eat gracefully. Ask Yu, let's go home. He Yi had no appetite for money and could not laugh. Without looking at him or paying attention to him, she continued to eat. Joke, she doesn't know him, this is her home! Her indifference, let He Yi feel unbearable, even hate can be, but why is it ignored as a stranger's indifference? Is it true that he can only be a stranger now? People? He is not reconciled! He Yi did not ask her opinion, he just looked up and smiled coldly at Zhao Shicheng, "Dr. Zhao, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,liquid bottle filling machine, I think, I want to take my wife home now, you should not have any opinion?" Zhao Shicheng froze. Two months ago, you abducted Yuwen, who had lost his memory. Didn't you think it was inappropriate? Anyhow, now he he Yi or Song Yu asked the husband, the other side so openly abducted, will not? Don't you give face? Zhao Shicheng, who was condemned, could not say a word. Who is your wife? When she finally responded, she frowned. Always say she is his wife, he is not bored, she is tired of listening! She doesn't know him! "Mrs. He, go home!" He Yi showed patience and lowered his voice to comfort her. I'm not going! Asked firmly shook his head, her home is here, her fiance is here, she is not so silly, and ran away with the adulterer! She does not want to be regarded as a common friend, she wants to get Zhao Shicheng's forgiveness, and he started again! But You go home with him. A dark voice spoke word by word. He raised his eyes in disbelief and looked at Zhao Shicheng. Your illness is almost cured. You can't escape any more. It's time to remember everything and live again. Zhao Shicheng said lightly. The parents of the Song family insisted on not letting him come into contact with He Yi, but he felt that evading was not the way. Perhaps the reality is very cruel, but a person can not carry a blank memory for a lifetime. Live. With him, she can only continue to blank, continue to escape, this is his understanding, but also his concern. In the past, Song Yu asked, living a wonderful life, should not be like this now, in addition to the clinic, is just sleeping at home. Don't be too aggressive, don't overstimulate her, take things slowly, show a little patience, and let her remember a little bit. He confessed. Thank you He Yi, who thought there was a tough battle to be fought, breathed a sigh of relief. When I went to bed at night, I turned on a light for her. Now she is sick and afraid of the dark.. "He handed over a business card." Sometimes she is easy to take care of, but sometimes she is hard to take care of. This is my business card. If you don't understand something, just call me. He Yi hurriedly took his business card. Every Wednesday night, my dad comes to my house to see her.. If it's not convenient for you. In the future, I can make an appointment with my father at the treatment center.. "All explained, Zhao Shicheng stands." I got up, turned around and went back to the clinic to prepare for the busy consultation in the afternoon. He did not look back, therefore, did not see, so easily "abandoned" to ask the whole person are petrified. She doesn't want to go. The heart is unwilling, feel the whole mind is very indignant, but, finally, ask or go with He Yi. In the past two months,Edible oil filling machine, she had no memory and was used to listening to Zhao Shicheng's arrangement. Even if you feel like you're a kitten abandoned by your owner. Ask, this is our home! He Yi took out women's slippers and put them on for her thoughtfully. Yuwen looked around with an expressionless face. She did live here! Almost at first glance, she was sure. gzxilinear.com

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