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Description: Tang Mianmian raised the shovel toward Fang Lan and threatened shakily, "You, you, you don't come here!"! Or I'll.. I'll just.. A shovel will blow you up! Xiao Tangqiu took the opportunity to lift the lid of the coffin. He looked down and frowned. In the coffin was a headless corpse. The head of the corpse was missing. Next to the corpse was a bamboo wormwood for pushing a boat. In the whole coffin, there was only a headless corpse and a boat support. At the moment of seeing the headless corpse, Fang Lan went crazy, and her bitter eyes dripped blood, and she rushed at Xiao Tangqiu mercilessly. At this critical moment, Xiao Tangqiu immediately took out the jade pendant and threw it into Fang Lan's face. When the jade pendant touched the skin on Fang Lan's face, her face suddenly festered and melted as if she had been splashed with sulfuric acid. Her face, which was already swollen and deformed, was completely out of shape. Pieces of rotten meat fell down. She screamed and fell down and turned into a big pool of rotten meat. The jade pendant was also completely smashed in this blow. Jade pendant, broken. At this moment, Xiao Tangqiu's heart almost jumped out of his throat. He was not sure about the role of the jade pendant against Fang Lan. He could only fight to the death. Fortunately, the jade pendant worked, but it was also crushed to pieces. Xiao Tangqiu picked up the boat in the coffin and shouted to Tang Mianmian, who was sitting on the ground in fright: "Run!"! This guy isn't dead yet! Before Tang Mianmian could breathe a sigh of relief, Wen Yan immediately opened his eyes wide: "Still, not dead?!" Are you stupid? If she dies, the mission is over! Xiao Tangqiu kicked Tang Mianmian on the buttocks, "it is estimated that she only temporarily lost the ability to move, we take the opportunity to run!"! Run as far as you can! Looking at a pool of rotten meat not far away, Tang Mianmian was scared to get up and ran with Xiao Tangqiu: "***!"! Jade pendant so hanging can only temporarily make her incapacitated? If you want to kill her completely, you have to find some magic weapon! No, what are you doing with this thing? You don't want to fight with this thing, do you? Such a long bamboo pole can't be used to beat people. Xiao Tangqiu panted, but still tried to roll his eyes: "Zhou Hai gave a riddle, the answer is this thing!" When I was at home, I had green branches and leaves. After I got married,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, I was emaciated. Once I sank to the bottom of the water, I lifted it up with tears in my eyes. The answer to the riddle is bamboo wormwood. Ga? Tang Mianmian didn't turn around at once. "When did he give the riddle?"? Why give us riddles? Xiao Tangqiu threw the boat to Tang Mianmian and simply explained a few words. Tang Mianmian suddenly realized: "So that's it!"! But what exactly is the use of this thing? "I don't know, but you take it first," Xiao Tangqiu frowned and said, "there are still a lot of things I can't figure out." "Tell me about it and I'll help you analyze it." Tang Mianmian, holding a long bamboo pole, ran quite easily. Xiao Tangqiu frowned and said, "According to Fang Lan's memory, after she died, she turned into an evil spirit and gouged out Zhou Hai's eyes. So it is reasonable to say that Zhou Hai should have died after Fang Lan died.." Tang Mian Mian: "This does not have a problem, so?" Xiao Tangqiu was silent for a few seconds before he suddenly said, "If Zhou Hai died after Fang Lan, how could he have a grave?"? After Fang Lan died, she turned into an evil spirit and burned Yunjia Village. The whole Yunjia Village was destroyed. Who set up a grave for Zhou Hai? Tang Mianmian was stupefied for a moment: "." Fang Lan? "How could it be possible that Fang Lan hated him too late, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and how could he set up a grave for him, but also behind the village head's house?" Xiao Tangqiu paused for a few seconds before saying faintly, "Since Zhou Hai has a grave, that means he died long ago." “…… Before Fang Lanhuo burned Yunjia Village, even earlier, Zhou Hai had already died. Chapter 23 After Xiao Tangqiu said his guess, he immediately broke out in a cold sweat. Tang Mianmian was so frightened that he trembled: "So, so.." We're dealing with two ghosts? A Fang Lan is already difficult enough to deal with, and then a Zhou Hai, they are properly to destroy the rhythm of the group ah! But Xiao Tangqiu shook his head and said, "Have you forgotten what Luo Mansu said?"? This is only a D-level task, should not directly let us destroy, although his words may not be credible, but this he did not need to deceive us. Logically speaking, we should be in the novice protection period now, and the game of group destruction still wants to develop sustainably? "Horror games talk about sustainability, and they just want to kill us all!" Tang Mianmian still believed Xiao Tangqiu's words, "What do you think of that?" Xiao Tangqiu raised his eyebrows: "I think Zhou Hai may be our way out." Tang Mianmian seemed to understand: "Is that why you took this thing?"? But what does this have to do with our lives? "I don't know, but since this is Zhou Hai's hint to us, then take a look at it," Xiao Tangqiu's eyes sank, "let's go to Luo Mansu first, ask his opinion, after all, he is an old player, maybe he will know something." As soon as Xiao Tangqiu's voice fell, Tang Mianmian pointed to the front and shouted: "I saw them!"! They're right ahead! Sure enough, Luo Mansu, who had just run away from them, was not far away, followed by Ding Tiantian, who was still not quite right, and the silent trio was also there. Luo Man-su also saw the two of them and asked, "Where is the female ghost?"? Did she catch up? "We just a fierce operation, to get rid of her, but only temporarily," Xiao Tangqiu vaguely, "yes, we just got a thing." Xiao Tangqiu explained the boat support in a few words, and then he asked Luo Mansu: "Brother Luo, you are an old player, you may guess the use of this boat support?" Luo Mansu looked at the boat in Tang Mianmian's hands, his eyes shining, but he hesitated for a moment, or shook his head: "." I can't guess, but according to you, it should be an important plot item. Let me take a closer look. Tang Mianmian was about to give the boat to Luo Mansu,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, but was stopped by Xiao Tangqiu: "Wait a minute, someone is coming!" Luo Mansu was about to take over the boat, but Tang Mianmian shouted: "Is that female ghost coming?!" ?

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