Biography of female emperor Qiying

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Description: "I won't run away. I've been waiting years for you to ask me what you said!" "Well," said Shangguan Waner, "then I'll ask you, my grandfather. I know he's a man of integrity, and he writes poems. Good. Why did you kill him? Wu Zetian said: "Yes, your grandfather's poems are very beautiful, although they are only singing about the wind and the moon, without any real feelings, but." Among the poets of the same generation, he is also an outstanding one. As for his personality, I admit that he is not a villain, but Not a good man! "What do you mean?" Said Shanggong Waner angrily? If he is neither a villain nor a gentleman, how can he say that he is not a good man? Wu Ze laughed and said, "The standard of good or bad is not so simple. If what you do is good for most people, you are a good person.". You Do you know what your grandfather did? "An upright man like him would never do anything," said Shangguan Waner. Bad things! Wu Zetian said: Yes, he didn't think it was a bad thing, but it was a bad thing. He opposed my administration. He blackmailed me. The late emperor wanted to abolish my mourning, and even the imperial edict was drafted by him. I can show you the draft of the imperial edict in the future. He instigated My son opposed me and even buried a soldier in the East Palace to assassinate me. I can show you these credentials in the future. He gathered his followers to oppose me, saying that I was a'chicken in the morning 'and that I should not be in charge of the government! I know the real reason why they oppose me, because my administration is good for the people of the world, but not for them. I have abolished some of the privileges of the nobility, I have changed the laws of my ancestors, and I do not think that the world is the private property of one family and one surname! At this point, Wu Zetian was quite excited, her voice was high, and her words burst out like beads: "They say I shouldn't be in charge." I was in charge of the government, but the people did not oppose me, so I managed it for more than 20 years. I dare not say that I managed it very well. It's not necessarily worse than their men, is it? Your grandfather was a poet who was kept in the court by the emperor, and his poems were quite good. The vision is too narrow. Does he know what kind of life the common people are living? Does he know what the people are thinking? And you are From the outside, you say, is the world against me? Shangguan Waner could not say a word,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, the shadow of the owner of the tea pavilion, the shadow of Zhang Laosan, those fathers in Zitong County. The shadows of the old, the shadows of the many common people she had come into contact with on the road, came one after another. This was not a phantom, these were all true. Real people, as if piled up into a mountain, weighed heavily on her heart. The owner of the tea pavilion and Zhang Laosan rang in her ears. Voice: "We wish the Queen of Heaven to live a few more years!" " Wu Zetian's voice rang out again: "To tell you the truth, my family background is humble, and my father is a timber maker." A small businessman, I have been a palace maid, a nun, and a concubine of two generations of father and son. Are you scolding me for being shameless? You're probably saying in your heart, why didn't you die earlier? But is it my fault? The abuse of women for thousands of years Isn't that enough? What's the use of my death? That's why I don't die! I grasp the power in my hands, and I will be the first in China. A female emperor is coming! At first I wanted to breathe for all the women in the world, but gradually I felt that I had to give them more than one breath. Is the woman, also has the man, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, therefore I do not allow the despot to oppress the common people, I vigorously carry out the land equalization system, I open the section to take Scholars, so that talented people have the opportunity to be an official, unlike before, officials focus on family status, to be arranged by the nobility. I allow the common people to go to the capital to inform and reward them for speaking freely. I'm not good enough, but can you say I'm doing it all wrong? "?" Shangguan Waner was in a mess, she knew that Wu Zetian said all the real things, these things Wu Zetian did not do. Wrong, but she was the enemy who killed her grandfather and father, and did the blood feud end like this? Only in the confusion Wu Zetian said slowly, "Your grandfather's vision is short, but his ambition is too big.". Your father is a muddle-headed man who knows nothing but Taoism, foolishness, loyalty, foolishness and filial piety. Listen to your grandfather and think that if you can get rid of me, you will be a loyal minister of the Tang Dynasty. So his father and son conspired. Deal with me. At that time, there was also a minister Zhangsun Wuji who was their commander in chief. In the name of Kuang Fu Tang Shi, they actually wanted to Make the world their world, regardless of the lives of ordinary people. I couldn't stand it. I had to kill them. Now I have made it clear that if you still think I am wrong to kill, then you will pick up the dagger and plunge it into my chest. Right! ' Shangguan Waner was like a stiff stone statue, pale and motionless. "You're very upset," said Wu Zetian. Can't make up your mind, can you? Ok, I give you another chance, I ask you to stay, stay with me and keep me company. I will also send you the sharpest dagger! Then, as expected, he pulled out a shining dagger! Shangguan Waner was stunned and stepped back three steps. Wu Zetian was in high spirits. Holding a dagger, she said, "Who are you this year?" Fourteen, right? When I was your age, Emperor Taizong summoned me to the palace. At that time, a country in the Western Regions paid tribute to a horse. BMW, named Lion Cong, matches the name. It is really as fierce as a lion. No one can ride it. I said I could ride it, But three things. Emperor Taizong said, "My best warriors can't ride it. Can you ride it?"? Fine, I'll let you try it. What three things do you want? I said, I want an iron whip, an iron mallet, a dagger! If the horse is not obedient, I will whip it with an iron whip. If I don't listen to it, I will hammer it with an iron mallet. If I still refuse to obey, I will use a dagger. Kill it! "This is a BMW that travels thousands of miles a day," said the emperor. "Isn't it a pity to kill it?" I said, 'If it begins. What's the use of riding a thousand miles a day without listening to others? ' At last the horse was subdued by me, not with a dagger, but with an iron mallet No, just an iron whip. From then on, Emperor Taizong liked me very much, saying that my character was like his,dap diammonium phosphate, but unfortunately not. Is a man, or can whip moss the world's talent! Emperor Dazong is the man I admire most, but he probably also expected. Not until I'm emperor.

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