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Description: He transferred two hundred elf archers of the tiger mercenary regiment from Feilengcui to assist in the defense of the oasis, and transplanted all six ancient war trees to the Yale Oasis. With the 20-meter-high ancient war tree as a lookout platform and the captured bronze lookout machine to assist in observation, Liu shocked and gave these vultures face. Sunlight through the palm of the date palm trees, gently on the lake with a layer of rugged waves, a cigar and a glass of ice cool wine, Liu shocked the day is leisurely. The main force had been pulled out yesterday, and today was precisely the sixth day that Joan of Arc was worried about-according to Master Puskas's prophecy, today was also the day that Joan of Arc was pregnant with a shocking child. Helen has a blood feud in the body, hate not to immediately be able to revenge, she had set out with the main army yesterday, now with Liu shock stay in Yale oasis only a group of air force, six personal bodyguards, four cheek because of the oracle and elf division Downing, to be honest, Liu shock was going to let Joan of arc with Helen with the main army to the desert hinterland, in that case, Master Puskas's prophecy will be self-defeating-two scattered in two places, but also pregnant is really called to see the dead! However, because he had told the absurd prediction of pregnancy as a joke to Helen and Jasmine, he wanted to let Jane go with the army. The decision was laughed at by Helen and Jasmine. Helen said he was guilty of being a thief. Jasmine said he had an intention. Two little hooves, one by one, forced Lao Liu to be stubborn. He simply took Joan with him. I'd like to see how I can make a big belly with my animal nature! There was nothing to do last night, except for a head of fire that slipped away when the Yale Oasis was captured that day. Because of thirst,tin beneficiation plant, he ran back to the oasis from the vast desert with a dusty face. Nothing else happened. It was safe and sound. According to the schedule, by this evening, the troops sent by the Cambridge Regiment arrived at the oasis. That is to say, Liu was shocked to spend another night at the Yale Oasis, and he could comfortably catch up with the main force. This could not help but make him completely relieved. What vulture people, what pregnancy predictions, were purely blind worries. Because of this, he was able to take a bath in the lake of the oasis. Because of this, he was able to take a bath in the lake of the oasis. Sister Gotani lay under the umbrella on the shore and looked with envy at the Divine Comedy Shaman lying in the shade of a tree in the middle of the lake, lying on a golden fish-skin air bed under a bearded crown. A large glass plate and a horseshoe flagon were placed on the air bed of fish skin, which was gently rippled by the water waves. A cigar was curling under the crown, manganese beneficiation plant ,gold shaking table, and a glass of rum was dangling in his hand. The cold wine was hanging on the wall of the glass. Old Liu wore only a pair of fishskin shorts all over his body today, showing rock-like muscles, because his nose was almost good, with his long punk hair, showing a strong and unruly spirit with evil spirit. A group of beautiful and beautiful maids were playing in the lake not far from him, all showing their arms like white lotus roots and slender waists like Yingying's grasp, and the sunshine like broken gold fell down, spraying a kind of sparkling beauty. Liu shock is indeed a bit of a ghost door, in addition to the thin-skinned six elf maids, butterfly maids, Meduro maids and two rabbit beauties were all deceived into the water by him, together with him to play in the water, even the little nun Joan and Cici are no exception. But Lini insisted that this situation must be caused by the oppression of power. Small. Say ? T/X/t day. Don Chapter 292 Oolong Majestic Mud Pill. Fei Lengcui's elf tailors all have a pair of distinctive skillful hands. The exquisite sewing technology makes the reserved girl swim in the water without any worries. The elf tailors use the salmon caught in the Sanggan River to peel off the fish skin and tan it into fish water. This kind of water is dyed into various colors by Chiba pineapple flowers. Not only is there no odor, It also has a faint fragrance of flowers, and its waterproof performance is quite excellent. The beautiful Feilengcui maids wear this kind of fish skin with excellent elasticity and lean back in the water, which makes the sultry curves and figures very attractive. The Medusa maids raise their snake tails from time to time in the water, which exudes a kind of coquettish charm. Joan of Arc's exquisite and protruding hot figure startled everyone, and no one could see that the little girl, who was usually hidden under the broad nun's robe, was actually such a devilish figure that took away the good fortune of heaven and earth. Gelini, the little girl, gaped at Joan's perfect hip curve and kept saying to Gelini, "Sister!"! Look at that! The figure of this little beauty can definitely compete with your slender legs! Look at her super long hair! It's so beautiful! It's like a mirror. I can see my face so far away! "And, and." Have you seen the pheasant girl? Gelini excitedly pointed to Xixi, who had long colorful hair in the water: "Sister!"! Do you see that this little beauty seems to be a little flat now, but she will definitely be a great beauty in the future! Look at her colorful wings! Wow, and that little waist. "Lily!" "How can you exaggerate more than Gomes, the little fool?" Said Goltani reproachfully? When you see Helen's body, people are afraid to commit suicide with jealousy! In the lake this kind of eye blessing is really not the average person can enjoy, idle miscellaneous people have long been very sensible far away, Gomes was originally the second man standing here, but this little fart child on the shore to enjoy the beauty always can not help swallowing saliva, "gurgle gurgle" voice is particularly loud, was two sisters grabbed ears, grinning teeth and kicked away. Goltani, let's cool off in the water! Liu shook the cool lake water with one hand. The other arm waved vigorously to the little swan beauty. He wore a pair of black crystal toad glasses on his face. These sunglasses had a wonderful use. Wearing them, he could roll his eyes to enjoy the boundless beauty without worrying about being found obscene. Goltani has lost a lot of weight recently, but she looks even more charming and morbid,sodium cyanide price, which makes Lao Liu's heart itch. After Goltani left her, Lao Liu always felt empty in her heart. Now that she has returned to her side, Liu feels even more empty.

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