A Letter of Divorce Candy Fate

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Description: "The forefathers were wise and had an early insight into the pros and cons, so it took him several years to achieve this.". To control power with money, in order to achieve a permanent balance, not to let a country too strong, not to let a country too weak. "Why is there still war if it never changes?" Tang Tang does not understand that the power of the Mu family has penetrated into all countries, but the purpose is to achieve a delicate balance between the relations between countries, neither conflict nor too close. Although this method is good, people's hearts in the world are unpredictable, and there is no guarantee that a fierce hero will be born one day. Mu Yang knew what his sister-in-law was thinking. Mu Yang stood up with a light smile, picked up a cup and played with it. His bright eyes were slightly curved with a smile. "What the king wants is power, so we give him power, but what he wants is huge financial resources.". For example, this time in Mongolia, its two wings are hard, so we have to break one of its wings before it flutters. If it is broken, it will grow, but it will not lose its life. If it is let fly, there will be endless trouble. Therefore, he and I, one bright and one dark, although not in the throne, can also be called the Lord of the world. Tang Tang was frightened. The emperors thought they were sitting on their own country, but they didn't know that they always had a rope around their necks. As long as they were not obedient,needle valve manufacturer, the people in the dark could tighten the rope. Although it was not fatal, it could also make them breathe. But on second thought, she still felt it was not right: "Your Mu family is so rich that it is hard to guarantee that these emperors will not take you as a piece of fat meat in their eyes and ask you for military pay.". When the time comes, as subjects, will you give or not? Mu Yang smiled mysteriously and asked in reply, "Where is my sister-in-law living here these days? Can you see that my family is really rich?" Tang Tang frowned, and she recalled that, indeed, as Mu Yang said,stainless steel needle valve, the huge Mu Mansion was full of delicacy, but when it came to magnificence, it could not even compare with the palace of Jun Luoyue. And why is that? "It's just a rumor of jealous people. Besides, in the Feather Kingdom, most of what we earn goes into the treasury of the Feather Kingdom. I'm afraid the emperors of the four countries all know this thoroughly.". However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, although Mu Yang is the dark emperor, the palm is to control the overall situation. Although his cousin was the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, all the wealth of the Mu family was scattered by him in various countries and managed by him. They have different responsibilities, but they complement each other. Since he is a wise man, it is most appropriate for him to go where I am not convenient. You see, he is not happy to leave his mess of account books for me to sort out. Mu Yang smiled and patted the account book piled up on the table, thinking that it was impossible to finish it in a short time. Tang Tang stared at Mu Yang, took a deep breath, then stood up and said, "I don't care who you are, 38 tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and I don't care about these things that are more messy than a ball of thread.". I've heard about you, and I know why you're telling me this, so I'm going to go to him now. There are some things that are not up to you. I need to ask him face to face. "All right." Mu Yang seemed to be waiting for Tang Tang to say this, so he was not surprised at all. Instead, he nodded with a smile and said, "When this year is over, I'll take care of everything for my sister-in-law.". Do you want Mu Yang to take a message and explain it to him? "No, lest he should be distracted from my business." Tang Tang lowered her eyes and thought, she had her plan to go to the border was clearly said by herself, but now it seems that the person in front of her pushed her into the present situation. Tang Tang did not remember what she said after that, but it was mostly irrelevant gossip. She was so confused that the secret was really untouchable. Finally, she only remembered that she had told Mu Yang to get rid of Li Xiu's trouble for herself, and Mu Yang nodded and agreed, and then, with the help of Yinlian, she returned to the house unsteadily. She remembered that before she left, she looked back, and Mu Yang stood in front of the desk. One side of his face was covered with light, and the corners of his mouth were smiling. Obviously, he should be a gentle man, but he was full of a chill, which made her shiver. Yinlian noticed that Tang Tang was strange and asked respectfully, "Do you feel uncomfortable, madam?" "Just tired." Only then did Tang Tang realize that the east side was already white, and unconsciously, the night had passed. Listening to Yinlian's words, she knew that all the people around Mu Yang had countless minds. After a conversation, even they knew that the old name needed to be changed to today's wife. Everything was a foregone conclusion, and she had already changed from an outsider to an insider. As Mu Yang said, she and they were already tied to the same rope, and if the rope was tightened, none of them could escape. Chapter 62 Tang Tang did not know how Mu Yang would arrange it. Since she had talked with him all night in the secret room, she had been ill in her own room, no longer going out, and no longer seeing anyone. As if he was really tired, except for three meals and washing, he slept and woke up all day. Worried that Tang Tang had a strange disease, Yinlian asked Mu Yang for instructions and then called the doctor. Tang Tang noticed that it was not the first time that the doctor had looked at a doctor with amnesia for her. He was a silver-haired old man with immortal wind and bone. He carried a medicine box on his back and walked like flying. He was not as old as he should be at that age. His wrinkled slender eyes showed shrewdness. As soon as he entered the room, he bowed his head and said "Madam" to Tang Tang. Tang Tang understood that the bearer was a member of the Mu family, that is, one of his own people like Yinlian. She did not know how many masters were hiding here, but from this we could see that Mu Yang's previous remarks were not empty words. The silver-haired old man smiled and put down the medicine chest in his hand, accompanied by a "Madam, please don't panic", a slender silver thread flew out of the sleeve of his spacious robe, and in an instant it was wrapped around Tang Tang's wrist. Tang sugar blinked, this technique is familiar, when she saw the green radish also has a kind of familiar feeling, but can not say what is wrong. The old man was very skilled in medicine, and Yinlian was very familiar with this. Finally, he bowed respectfully and said,tube fitting manufacturer, "Mr. Xue, madam is sleeping and waking these days, and she doesn't eat as much as she used to. Look.." ? chinaroke.com

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