A cold-faced swordsman

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Description: "That's different." Yuehua Fairy said with a straight face, "I dealt with them first, and I gave them half a month's time to raise money." Money.. "And they attack you again and again." "This is a matter of course, they have the right to arbitrarily seize the opportunity before the deadline, and it has nothing to do with the agreement.". And I have to. Keep my reputation. I can't let you redeem him within the time limit. Senior Kang, I am a trustworthy person, you know. What do I mean? "Miss Huo, if we can't give in to each other, we'll be wiped out by the running dogs one by one sooner or later." Yes, "Hun Tian Yi Zhang said with emotion:" This eight-watch dragon is young and fierce, brave and decisive, with unique skills, ruthless and ruthless. Full of strength, even the dementor skeleton can't stop his sword. Except for a few people who have the best martial arts and are good at using hidden weapons in advance, we specially There is no other way but to pay him. "Juejian Fanke is one of the seven famous swordsmen, and he can deal with this dragon." "Wu yuan will arrive in a few days.". According to the old man's estimation, Wu yuanzhu's chances of winning will not exceed 30%. "There are so many of you." "Ten thousand sheep can't beat one beast.". If a girl joins hands with the dementor skeleton, it is expected to pull back the disadvantage. "That's impossible, old-timer Kang." Yuehua Fairy holds the opposite view: "Cooperation is not all the way, tacit understanding." Not enough,White Marble Slabs, the use of different martial arts, but each other to contain themselves into a dangerous situation, a wrong step will lose the whole. I thought maybe one of them could. Deal with this wild dragon. "Which one?" "The elusive man without a hood.". Don't you think it's strange, senior Kang? "What's so strange?" "Every time the running dog of the patrol battalion takes an important action, we will get a warning from a mysterious person in advance, as if this person is in the dark." Pull the strings and control the actions of all parties. "I have long suspected it." Muddle a palm eyebrow deep lock, "but guess there may be several people in the dark to control everything." Understand the strength and movement of all parties. I even suspect that these life-and-death struggles.. It was all planned by these people. It can be vague We can see that these people are intentionally partial to us, otherwise we would have been killed by this dragon. The problem is,grey marble slab, we don't have a line. Suo, how can I get these people? In front of the shop across the street, someone gestured to this side. Here comes the running dog's eyes. Yuehua Fairy said hurriedly and slipped out of the shop. The talks haven't got down to business yet, and I'm very disappointed. Out of the shop, facing the west of the street, there were not only suspicious people approaching, but also Xiyue Refining Qi, who was dressed in Taoist clothes and hung with a sword. Shi, Chu and his two half-centuries-old men, like wolves looking for food, kept looking around with bright eagles. Let's go, too. Hun Tian shouted in a low voice to his two companions, "Our disguise and transfiguration may not be able to hide from this demon." Tao. Under the cover of two maids disguised as men, Yuehua Fairy went out of the shop and hurried to the suburbs east of the street. The two maids followed twenty paces away to guard against accidents. Two people came out of the alley in front of them, Granite Slab Supplier ,Pietra Gray Marble, Dongfang Yuxiu, dressed as an ordinary woman in a blue cloth skirt, and a waiter dressed in the same way. Female, after going out of the lane, she also went to the east of the street, leaving in a hurry. Yuehua Fairy gestured to the two maids behind her that she wanted to follow Dongfang Yuxiu's maidservant. Then the heart moved and gave up the idea of keeping up. Dongfang Yuxiu was followed by two water men. She immediately changed her mind and followed the two water men. The people of Yangzhi Villa cheer for the eight-watch dragon, and of course they are also her strong rivals. Although she did not find the people of Yangzhi Villa to her. Move the sword, but it can't change the fact of hostility. If Dongfang Yuxiu can be removed, it is equivalent to cutting off an arm of the running dog of the patrol camp. Tracking the two water husband, should be friends, apparently also playing the idea of Dongfang Yuxiu, she hopes to have the opportunity to help the water husband. A helping hand. Near the end of the street, the Oriental girl turned into another alley in the south of the street. The mantis catches the cicada, not knowing that the yellow sparrow is behind. A strange and somewhat familiar voice suddenly came into her ears. It is a special sound transmission stunt that is not easy to practice. The sound is not loud, but only in the narrow space where the sound passes through. Time, can hear this kind of sound. The other person beside him could not hear it. She waited to look around for the sound source, but could not find anyone suspicious. There are not many pedestrians at the end of the street, which is far away from the wharf area. Someone warned me. She thought. She suspected that Huang Que was a Qi refiner from the Western Mountains, but the three Laodao did not follow her. Among the many celebrities in the patrol camp, she was strongly wary of only two people, the Eight Watch Dragon and the Xiyue Qi Refiner. Seeing no suspicious person, she did not want to give up the opportunity, raised her vigilance, and resolutely followed into the alley. Chapter 12 The owner of an earthen tile-roofed house at the bottom of the lane did not seem to be surprised by the two uninvited guests who jumped into the wall, and even had already been there. The small living room was ready for tea, and it was expected that uninvited guests would come. I think you are Kang He, the water monster. Stepping into the hall, the oriental girl said coldly, "You are really safe to hide, after several times." It's really hard to find your place here at the turning point. You and I are in the right place. Yes, I am Kang He, the water monster. The master was born with a full face of flesh and a face of gangsters and villains. But he did not speak like a rough thug. "On the Huaihe River, I am really the boss of the heroes of the world.". I You know, Miss Oriental of Yangzhi Villa. You come to me, first of all, you come to the wrong person. The heroes of the Huaihe River and those of the North Master family, one without friendship, two without contacts, three without grudges, four without the same way of friendship. I ask you, what advice do you have? The words are very weighty, the position of the hero of the world is sonorous and clear-cut, the boundaries are open and aboveboard, and the image of local dragons and snakes is heroic. Full. A man with a black face, a slender and vigorous figure,Marble Projects, a scar on his left cheek and a big green birthmark on his right cheek walked out of the back aisle of the hall. "Miss Dongfang jumped over the wall and made it clear that it was not a strong dragon but a river." This ferocious man with a black face is better than a water monster. Kang He is more like a water monster. His voice is like a loud bell, with a thick Huaiyang accent. "With the self-respect of the patrol camp, there is a wild dragon to support it.". forustone.com

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